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Bella Thorne will debut as director of an erotic film

Bella Thorne revealed that she is pansexual and talked about her fight against dyslexia.

The former Disney girl made headlines last month for sharing intimate photos after being threatened by a hacker.

Last month, actress Bella Thorne made world news after she released her intimate photos on social networks because a hacker had threatened her , and not only did she not give in to the attempted extortion but also upped the ante. It was hard hours for the former Disney girl, who also had a strong grip with Whoopi Goldberg for statements on TV . Now, his statements generated a stir again.
Bella said it is defined as "pansexual . " In the past he had used Twitter to mark that he was bisexual and now expanded his sexual orientation. "I'm really pansexual and I didn't know it," said Thorne, who defined that as "you like what you like." " It doesn't have to be a girl, or a boy. Or a he, a she, a this, or a thing. It's literally, you like personality, as if you were a being, " the actress told journalist Juju Chang from ABC News channel .
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Bella Thorne, the former Disney girl told her sexual choice.

 The actress also talks about how she overcame her difficulties in life, describing her struggles in her new book of poems entitled " Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray ". He spoke openly about his fight against sexual abuse, his difficulties in accepting himself and his dyslexia.

"How does someone dyslexic become a powerful author?" They asked and replied: "That's what the series is about, that all these things I really couldn't do, and I did it somehow," Thorne replied. " I didn't know how to read and I learned to read from scripts, " he said. Her book reveals a dark story of her experience with sexual abuse, which began when she was 6 years old and continued until she was a teenager (14 years old).

bella thorne peliculas, bella thorne en disney, bella thorne edad, bella thorne imdb, bella thorne pareja, bella thorne movies,
Bella Thorne's dismissal against Whoopi Goldberg. (Instagram: bellathorne)

In addition to her influence on television, movies and books, Thorne accumulates more than 20 million followers on Instagram and usually gives away sexy images of herself. "I like sexy. I love seeing my skin,"said.

"The filming process was very interesting because we had real sex on the set , which I had never filmed before," he said. And he said: "My initial idea was to create a horror movie about Christmas , but instead I made a film beautiful, ethereal, subtle ".

According to his words, the movie  Her & him "explores the relationship between a man and a woman, and their struggle over domination." In short, it would be a modern version of Romeo and Juliet .

“If you think porn is uncomfortable, I feel you feel that way, but don't make other people feel uncomfortable because you are not ,” said the director.

The film has a release date: it will be between September 11 and 15, 2019 at The Oldenburg Film Festival , organized in Germany .

(CNN) - Bella Thorne has come a long way since she was a Disney child star.

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