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The fun Doodle with which Google celebrates Children's Day

Although the meaning and the reason why Children's Day is celebrated is the same throughout the world, the dates vary by country and in Argentina it is celebrated on the third Sunday of August.

The Google search engine echoed it and surprised its users with a colorful and fun Doodle, which shows the word Google turned into small children playing and hanging inside a semi-spherical frame similar to that of the squares.

The origin of the celebration comes after the First World War, following the humanitarian destruction that took place in Europe.

From this situation, in 1924, awareness began to be generated about the need for special protection for infants.cuando es el dia del niño 2019,dia del niño en argentina 2019
One of the first activists was Eglantyne Jebb , founder of the Save the Children organization which, with the help of the International Committee of the Red Cross, promoted the adoption of the first Declaration of the Rights of Children.

Children's Day was promoted by the United Nations Organization on November 20, 1959 , in an assembly where the Declaration of the Rights of the Child was approved.

Then, in 1989, the Convention on the Rights of the Child was established and countries were encouraged to set a date for its celebration.

The purpose of children's day is aimed at promoting the rights of children and fostering both "fraternity and understanding among children around the world" and their social welfare.

cuando es el dia del niño 2019,
dia del niño en argentina 2019,

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