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What is the story of Bharat movie? Watch Bharat Movie Review Today

1983. India vs West Indies final match is going on. Tens of people are surrounded by the only black and white TV. We know two people in this crowd. Both of us are ages. Both are around 42-43 years old. Here the wickets of India are falling fast, there is a different storm in the life of these two. We all know that India wins that match and that year's World Cup last. India. That is India. What we do not know is the future of these two middle-aged people, who have learned to read and write new.

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The film is sufficiently black and white.

The scene we talked about above is a scene from Salman Khan's (in and as) movie 'Bharat'. And those two people are Bharat (Salaman Khan) and Vilayat Khan (Sunil Grover). We talked about this scene because in this scene, that hard work, that detailing is visible, which is necessary for any period movie. This is a scene between the film and the story of India.

Bharat (2019) Hindi Full Movie Watch Online

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The story , in which a 7-year-old child is named India by his father (Jackie Shroff), gets separated from his father and one of his sisters in the Indo-Pak Partition during independence. And then 'Bharat' becomes a story of a long wait for India's estranged family. Story of 63 years long wait. Does it wait until 70 years later? This will be known only in the climax of the film. Climax which is neither completely painful nor completely peaceful. He is just as bitter-sweet as one would expect. Equal to the hope of a new India.

Yes, as far as the question is that during the wait of 70 years, that is, during the entire film, what the protagonist does is the answer - a lot. Miles makes friends. Radha (Disha Patni) makes partners like. Kumud (Katrina Kaif) makes a life partner. Works in circuses to cargo ships and oil mines. etc etc.

Talking about acting , if we are expecting acting from Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, then this is our only over-expectation as an audience. But the pleasant thing is that both are not completely expressionless. Salman Khan looks very bad crying, he is not laughing anywhere. This is Ali Abbas's 'Hum Aapke Hain Kaun' type movie, in which Salman is 'Baghban' type.
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Families were separated in Kumbh. Nowadays, they are separated in partition.

Sunil Grover has done the best job of his career so far. The length and depth of their rolls is also the maximum so far. But Sunil Grover is nowhere in it. That is, Humor is nowhere. Jackie Shroff influences Tabu in the film's start and Tabu in the climax. Which is obvius. But why is Disha, Patani in this film?

Talking over all the movie , India is an intelligent movie, which makes the 'old school' of emotion to make the audience happy, but in the name of 'Creative Liberty' nothing is shown that is impossible to embrace. . Or that is irrational.

It is also an intelligent movie because it is built on the established standards of success, or the templates of today's hit films, while not trying anything new. And this calculates risk according to the box office.

These types of films are identified by some of those sequences which are seen by you before. like-
  • To make sad scene light and make it black-and-white, you have seen it in three idiots too.
  • TV channels and crowds have also been used in the climax of Rang De Basanti before India to arouse enthusiasm and emotion.

From the rest of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag to many movies like Hollywood's Forest Gump, it will keep coming in mind. Many times the script was run and many times the concept was run.

And yes, perhaps because of this calculated risk, the director has tried his hand at a remake instead of a new script. Yun Bharat is the official remake of a Korean movie 'Odd to My Father'.

This is the third film with Salman after director Ali Abbas Zafar's 'Sultan' and 'Tiger Zinda Hai'. Both the previous films were superhit. And since no matter what the winning combination changes, if you find the tiger alive somewhere in this film, then know it as a 'success effect'.

The biggest plus point of Bharat Movie Review:

The film is its detailing. In the rest of the period movies, still one era and one country has to be shown on the screen, but in this film, this task becomes even bigger because its story extends to India, Pakistan, Middle East according to the country. , At the same time, according to the period of independence i.e. from 1947 to 2010.

Talk about its biggest minus point of Bharat Movie, it is its human quotient. Then, while many attempts have been made in the film to make it a light-hearted comedy movie, it fails so badly that even Sunil Grover cannot give you comic relief. Due to his and all other characters being flat, the film also becomes flat. And does the build up only for the climax.

The dialog is another minus point of Bharat Movie Review like:

  • In the name of Humer - If oil comes out in Arabia, will you apply it on your head?
  • And in the name of Emotion- My Babuji has also named me after the country.

Vishal Shekhar and Irshad Kamil will not be known because of their music album, this is for sure. But some Punjabi beats and Vishal Dadlani sang 'Zinda Hoon Main Tujhme' affect you.

In the end, it has to be said that 20 percent of films are excellent. 20 percent inferior. India comes in 60 percent of the remaining films. A little bit up for some people, a little bit down for some people.

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