Hair colours 2020: 4 models of “Copper Hair” to show your hairdresser

Copper Hair Xcn

Hair colours 2020 After having wanted to clear up in the spring, it is often when autumn arrives that the opposite desire to go ahead takes us. Like last year, the trend of the “Copper Hair” hovers over our roots and makes us want to dare the red with gentleness.

Here are some inspiring patterns unearthed on Instagram for Hair colours 2020.

Once summer comes, the desire to lighten its length is still felt. This is where we go in search of the subtle hair shadow and perfect everywhere on the net. The shaded hair is a method of hair coloring that consists of bringing a melted effect on the mane that has a dark root base and much clearer on the tips. Inherited from the famous “tie and dye”, the shaded hair is very subtle: exit demarcations too straight and goodbye effect two shades superimposed since the shaded hair clearly gives the impression of having a multitude of beautiful shades on the hair.
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Cooper Hair Autum 2020


But as soon as the leaves begin to fall to the ground, the desire to opt for a new coloring takes us. Darken her blond? Sign a return to brown? Or bet on a radical change? It’s not always easy to choose,while reflecting on the health of our hair that can take a hit with every change.

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Hair colours 2020 Copper

Like last year, it is again the trend of the “Copper Hair” that is needed in the fall. Sweet, daring and sparkling at the same time, Copper Hair is nothing more than a form of red, where copper is honored. The rendering will of course be different depending on your current color and your roots..Who dares?
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