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The reaction of Sofía Colasante, Felipe Pettinato's partner, after the complaint of simple sexual abuse: quoted Michael Jackson

It was expressed on Instagram. The young woman is also the stepsister of the complainant of the actor, who at the time the abuse would have occurred was 14 years old

After the complaint against Felipe Pettinato for simple sexual abuse was made public , his partner, Sofía Colasante , expressed his opinion. Through two Instagram stories, the young woman - who is the mother of Juana Michela (one year), the result of her relationship with the actor - chose to share different phrases from a song by Michael Jackson to refer to the facts.

Colasante is the stepsister of the alleged victim, who at the time the abuse would have occurred, in March 2018, was 14 years old. The complaint was made 20 days ago, but only at this time it was made public. And in the face of the repercussion, and after his sister-in-law, Tamara Pettinato , spoke , Sofia chose to post fragments of the song "Tabloid Junkie" by Michael Jackson, the musician Felipe imitates professionally.
Sofía Colasante and Felipe Pettinato are in a couple and are parents of Juana Michela

“Just because you read it in a magazine, or see it on the TV screen, don't make it factual. Though everybody wants to read all about it. Just because you read it in a magazine, or see it on the TV screen, don't make it factual, current, ”says the lyrics of the song, whose translation is: “ Just because it is read in a magazine or on the screen of television, it doesn't make it real. Even if everyone wants to read about it. ”

Felipe, on the other hand, called himself to silence and did not express himself about it. Who did - what was said - was his sister Tamara, who stands out as a columnist for the radio cycle . And now who can help us? , the Radio with Vos program conducted by Ernesto Tenembaum . There, Roberto Pettinato's daughter said that his brother “is being accused of touching the tail of a 15-year-old girl outside his clothes .” “Like he put his hand in his tail on his clothes: that's the complaint The title, 'They denounce him for sexual abuse of a minor', read like this, is very strong. " That is why Tamara regrets that Felipe "is going to get stained" for what he considers to be a "false complaint" that "has other motives behind".

“ There is a story behind that we are not going to tell at the request of the lawyers. The cause will continue, they will have to prove it. You can report anyone without any proof. Stained it is, then they will have to prove it. "For his part, he reiterated the support of the family: " On our side we know that it is a fact that did not happen. "

The complaint

"The fact is dated in March 2018, at that time sexual abuse happens. It is a simple sexual abuse, with touching in the victim's genital area, which at that time was 14 years old," he told Teleshow the complainant's lawyer, Andrés Bonicalzi, stating that the accusation was filed in Justice 20 days ago. "The next thing that has to be done is the expertise, and probably later it will end up investigating Felipe Pettinato," added the lawyer.

The first paragraph of article 119 of the Criminal Code typifies the crime of simple sexual abuse , establishing penalties of between 6 months and 4 years in prison for those who “sexually abuse a person when the person is under thirteen (13) years of age or when violence mediates , threat, coercive or intimidating abuse of a relationship of dependency, authority, or power, or taking advantage of the fact that the victim for any reason has not been able to freely consent to the action ”.

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