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The appearance of underage children suddenly shifts, parents panic

Contemporary parents use technology to monitor their children because of their busyness, but recently there was an incident when people started thinking about the facility.
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According to a report from a foreign website, parents bought a monitoring camera to monitor their child and when they checked it, the baby's appearance looked horrible.

According to parents, when they opened the app and saw the baby, the room was completely dark and the child's eyes were glowing.

The mother said that I was scared when I saw the picture, after which I informed my husband about the incident and then we both went to the room together where the baby was all right and his eyes were right.

The father shared the picture of the baby saved in the monitoring app on social media and wrote, 'I think there was an error in the baby monitoring we purchased'.

Other parents responded to his tweet and shared photos of their children and told us that the same thing happened to us.

A user named Kim shared a picture of her baby, which can be seen rising from her bed and her eyes glowing like coals.

Another user shared photos of his cats, in which he said the problem was also with them.

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