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What bad habits do penguins suffer from?

There have been many cases of sexual abuse and homosexuality in humans, but 110 years ago a British scientist revealed animal sex abuse and prostitution, but his research report was refused to be published in Edwardian Britain.

According to Mail Online, George Morey did research on a penguin bird in 1910 and revealed that male penguins sexually assault a female penguin and that even female penguins are sexually promiscuous and that male penguins have sex with their bodies. Instead of selling, she receives stones.

Now a book is included in the research report of this scientist named George Morey Luke.

These poignant discoveries of George More have been included in 'A Polar Affair by Lloyd Spencer Davis'.

penguin information in english

According to book excerpts, George Morey reported in his report that he saw himself being subjected to abuses and mass abuse in birds called penguins.

In exchange for prostitution, the penguins use the stones taken to make their homes. The penguin 'husband' of the sexually abusive penguin agreed to it and handed over his 'wife' female penguin to another male penguin and received stones from it.

Often, after having sex, female penguins would run away with the male penguin who had become their buyer. George More also revealed that the penguin also has homosexuality, and that the dead female sexually abuses the penguins as well.

The author of the book, Lloyd Spencer Davis, has also researched the penguins and said that George Murray's discoveries are absolutely correct and he himself has observed these habits in the penguin.

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