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YouTube Artificial Intelligence 2019 Series with Robert Downey Jr: See The Trailer

YouTube Artificial Intelligence 2019

The YouTube opens soon a new original series called "The Age of AI" ("The Age of Artificial Intelligence" in free translation) - and climbed none other than actor Robert Downey Jr. to be the presenter. The Marvel Movie Universe star, who played billionaire Tony Stark in the Iron Man movies and the Avengers adventures, recounts and comments on all episodes of the documentary series.

The aim of the production is to show that the subject today is further from science fiction and closer to science and our reality. Each segment will unravel the current state of AI in particular sectors and in which fields it can be applied to advance. In the preview, we see some topics that will be addressed: humanoid robots, prosthetics, autonomous vehicles, automation in the industry, transmissions to find out if there is life off Earth and more.

Check out the trailer:
"The Age of AI" debuts on December 18 this year with weekly chapters. It will be available for free to all users of the video platform, but subscribers to the YouTube Premium service will have access to the first four episodes at once and without ads. In all, there will be eight chapters.

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