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Uber Eats Food Delivery Man Went Viral In Michoacan

Daniel Marquez works as a deliveryman and also plays with Los Guerreros de Michoacán, a basketball team for people with disabilities.

A young man in Michoacan works as a food delivery man and combines it with his passion when playing with Los Guerreros de Michoacán, a basketball team for people with disabilities, as if that were not enough, he also has time to play in the Rondalla de Morelia Eco de Amor: he does everything in wheelchairs.

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The young man went viral by sharing photographs while working as a food delivery man for the Uber Eats application, so he quickly got thousands of people on social networks to echo his efforts and the Internet users, for the most part, praised him for being a Young worker and his admiration for overcoming him was expressed.

He himself published a series of photographs on Facebook's personal account in which he sees himself delivering an order to a client to promote himself: "Express service, place your orders".

“I admire you thousand 8 thousand !!”, “My Dani, what a father, if you were in Puebla every day, I would ask for food” you were on your skateboard up and down, you are a man to admire.”

Those are just some of the messages that Dany received, a young man who fervently believes that there are no excuses in life and that the limitations are in our mind.

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