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Coronavirus Outbreak Already 490 Dead and Thousand of Peoples Infected in the Asian Giant

There are already 490 dead by the coronavirus and 24,324 infected in the Asian giant
The authorities confirmed 3,887 new cases of infected.

The authorities of Wuhan, the city where the virus originated in December 2019, reported 65 more deaths, bringing the total death toll from the coronavirus to 490 in China. 

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The provincial Health Commission of Hubei, the center of Wuhan, focus on the new epidemic, also confirmed a sharp increase in the number of infected people, with 3,156 new cases confirmed.

The number of people infected with the coronavirus exceeds 23,500 in China, taking into account the figures previously reported by the government. 

The epidemic of the new deadly virus, which became a global health emergency, began in December in a food market in Wuhan City. 

All the people killed by this new coronavirus were in China, except for two men, one died in the Philippines and the other in Hong Kong. 

The World Health Organization ( WHO ) declared a coronavirus outbreak a week ago as a "public health emergency of international importance."

At this point and despite having taken extreme measures to try to contain the spread of the virus, cases have already been reported in more than 20 countries worldwide. 

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