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Erika Buenfil Luis Miguel Girlfriend recalled the romance

Erika Buenfil Luis Miguel Girlfriend recalled the romance she lived with Luis Miguel: "I know that one day I will meet him and he will greet me with much affection"

The protagonist of "True Loves" recalled the moment when she entered into a love relationship with one of the most coveted performers

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Also mentioned that they went out to dinner and entered into "a good relationship, father, it went well, very beautiful."

Luis Miguel Relationship:

"Yes I ventured my romance there, well father ... it was fantastic", this is how the actress Erika Buenfil defined the relationship that she lived more than 16 years ago with the singer Luis Miguel and that began after a concert by "El Sol".

In an interview with the entertainment journalist, Mara Patricia Castañeda, Erika Buenfil spoke of the time when she lived with the singer, whom she met in Monterrey, where she is originally from.

This relationship, according to the actress, was a fantastic experience because she could enjoy musical shows in her own home.

He explained that she attended one of the concerts that Luis Miguel offered in Monterrey, but the crush occurred thanks to the fact that she recognized one of her former partners among the staff of musicians.

"I stop in my seat to greet the musician, but then my nephew says that Luis Miguel did this (he turned to see her)," he said of the action, which he did not take very seriously.

But the approach occurred after the event ended because the singer contacted her thanks to a friend of his brother.

“The phone rings again and they tell me it's from him (Luis Miguel) and I said 'Ya Toño, please', because my brother is quite a joker; but the phone rings again and I hear: 'Love, love, love' (he was the singer), ”he added.

The famous, who has now dabbled with content for YouTube and TikTok, mentioned that they went out to dinner and entered into "a good relationship, father, it went well, very beautiful."

"It has already happened, Nicolás (his son) was not born yet, but who danced who took it from me," he mentioned during the interview.

“No, there it was, finally I make my life, he also his. I know that someday I will meet him and he will greet me with much affection and I will greet him, we are already gentlemen, both of us ”, concluded the interpreter.

They were the youthful singers of the moment and they acted together in a film that caused a furor, but between Luis Miguel and Lucero everything was very "innocent" and "naive".

The singer recently ruled out having an affair with "El Sol", although she did reveal some details behind the filming of Fever of love.

However, unlike what happened in the plot of the film, in which Luis Miguel and Lucero shared romantic moments, in real life nothing happened between them.

The singer spoke in detail about the production, through her podcast titled "Aqui Lucero", which was picked up by the portal of the Who magazine.

The Electricidad interpreter commented, for example, that although the film was released in Mexico in August 1986, in reality, they filmed it in 1984 for approximately a month and a half in Acapulco.

What Lucero remembered most was an anecdote that happened outside of work hours, at René Cardona's house.

Due to a short circuit in the house, some sparks came out and a small fire was unleashed, but nothing extraordinary, because in fact a fire did not occur and the house was not affected.

Luis Miguel Movie Character

However, faced with confusion due to smoke and sparks, Luis Miguel showed himself as a movie character and helped Lucero, who was barefoot.

"I remember that they called the fire department, the fire department did not arrive, but a small pram with a couple of buckets of water did come with two very friendly gentlemen who were going to assist the matter," the interpreter explained.

“ I remember that Luis Miguel carried me in his arms, he carried me in his arms because I left the room when I started to hear the noise and all that, I was barefoot. You had to go to another area of ​​the house, it was what they told us and Luis Miguel carried me, he carried me in his arms, "he recalled.

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