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Luis Miguel Girlfriend Ex Surprised With A Sensual Portrait From 20 Years Ago

The artistic nude of Aracely Arámbula: Luis Miguel's ex surprised with a sensual portrait from 20 years ago protagonist of "La Dueña" explained that the work of art was made by the painter Luis Fracchia in 1999.
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Actress Aracely Arámbula surprised her followers by revealing the image of a painting they did over 20 years ago and in which her partially nude body appears.

The protagonist of La Dueña published the photograph of the artwork on her Instagram account, which she explained, made by the painter Luis Fracchia in 1999.

The painting shows Aracely's bareback, who sported her reddish hair tied at the nape of her neck and only held a board to cover her butt.

"A # TBT❤️ that a great painter Luis Fracchia made for me at the time that Soñosras recorded in 1999, great memories of palm cross, natural body, oil on linen", wrote the actress to accompany the image of the artwork.

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“I love to save time through art. I love art. Art is life !!! ”, said Luis Miguel's ex-partner.

The image sparked a furor among the actress's 5.2 million followers. So far it has received more than 53,474 likes and hundreds of comments.

"That is a body and not that of the police", "Precious", "Incredible, as always my Ara", "You are art" or "Completely beautiful", are some of the reactions they wrote to the famous 45-year-old.

This is not the first time that Aracely Arámbula has been shown in scantily clad clothes. The actress is used to gifting her fans with hot postcards and even risque scenes in her melodramas.

It was in January of this year when the public of La Doña witnessed a sensual sequence, in the first episode of the Telemundo series.

Rio de Janeiro was the scene in which Aracely wore a bikini and a robe while enjoying the sea scenery from a balcony.

The slender figure of Aracely stood out at all times, but the scene rose in tone when the Brazilian actor Leandro Lima appeared, in charge of giving life to Thiago.

After a chat for a few seconds, Altagracia Sandoval, the character of Arámbula, began to passionately kiss with his co-star, while he took off her clothes to end with a sensual encounter in the jacuzzi.

Aracely showed her back to the nude and assured that she did not use a double to star in that meeting.

"Everyone asked me if it was me because I am standing on a terrace ... It is a sensual scene, but I did it myself and we did it at 12 in the day with full sunlight. A very sexual scene, " told People En Español.

The actress explained that she has preferred to personally record all the scenes, regardless of whether they are active or risque since she believes that this can give them more realism.

“If I had to record in a bathroom, since last season, I recorded in a bathroom. The end of the previous season, for example, that Altagracia went to a bathroom to remove the bullet was literally at a gas station in a bathroom, as is. So it's something that gets you even more into reality. "

And regarding the sensation of playing Altagracia again, Aracely commented: “For me, getting back into Altagracia's shoes was the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me because he is a character who is very loved by me and loved by people. It has been very beautiful. I cannot be more than grateful for this blessing of repeating a character that I love so much ”.

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