Watch Bigg Boss 14 25th October 2020 Written Episode 23 Update

Watch Bigg Boss 14
watch bigg boss 14

Watch Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Special 25th October 2020
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He says I wish you Dusera, I hope you’ve got an honest one and that we have an honest year. He says let’s go inside and ask them.

Telecast Date: 25th October 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And VootVideo
Source : Standard Video Licence

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Salman connects the video call to the house. All greet him. Rahul says you look nice in kurta. He wishes them Dusera and says before I tell you about the buzzer, i would like to inform you that just one inmate ran the house in the week . The person ran the house and every one others were useless, that person single-handedly managed everything and that’s Jasmin. Jasmin says really? Salman asks Nikki if she has any idea? She says no.

Salman says when everyone was breaking things and having fights, Jasmin was making tea (Watch Bigg Boss 14). The clip shows the house being invaded by the red-zone and Jasmin was busy making tea. Salman says when everyone was fighting, Jasmin was busy asking Bigg Boss for the garments (Watch Bigg Boss 14) . Nobody considered Jasmin for captaincy and she or he didn’t even consider herself. Jasmin says I wanted to be a kingmaker.

Salman says why didn’t you create Rubina the captain? You share an equivalent building together with her , all laugh. Salman says when Abhi said that he came out last but Jasmin didn’t care that he had his doll. When Pavitra and Eijaz were fighting over Jasmin’s doll, Jasmin was busy cursing Bigg Boss. Salman says when Bigg Boss said both are out, Jasmin started cursing Bigg Boss. He asks Rubina where Jasmin is lacking? Jasmin says I didn’t want to be the captain, I wanted the captain from my side. I wanted Abhi or Rubina to be captains (Watch Bigg Boss 14).

I attempted lecture Pavitra and Eijaz on the other hand Bigg Boss punished us rather than Pavitra and Eijaz as they were incapable of creating a choice . Pavitra says we were capable and that we did complete the task. Jasmin says I didn’t curse Bigg Boss, i used to be just lecture him. most are able to pounce on you here so I don’t say anything to anyone, I curse them in my heart (Watch Bigg Boss 14). Salman asks her to curse Rahul in her heart.

She looks at Rahul and says I just cursed him in my heart. Rubina says Jasmin gets stuck thinking that she is hurting someone, she is tied together with her manners and respect, she loses that moment to require a stand then regrets not making a choice . Salman says Jasmin regrets not taking a stand. Jasmin says I attempt to ask them but they talk very badly. Salman says you shouldn’t worry about what they’re saying, we are here to concentrate to you, the audience is here to concentrate to you (Watch Bigg Boss 14).

Jasmin says they talk so badly that it makes me angry. Salman asks Rubina that if Jasmin is such an honest friend then why don’t you tell her this on your own? Rubina says she is extremely smart and she or he will self-realize it, she is extremely intelligent and she or he will soon fight for her rights. I don’t tell her anything because i would like her to understand . Jasmin says point this to me from next time Rubina. Salman asks Jasmin to cry and smile both. Jasmin says I cried for Biryani, Bigg Boss doesn’t send mutton in the least . Salman says mutton is dear . Jasmin says Endemol is rich. Salman says they don’t have money left.

All laugh. Salman says Jasmin takes my jokes in double meaning. Jasmin says I understand you and your feeling. Salman says Jasmin is TV’s Katrina Kaif. Jasmin says people wont to say that to me and she or he is my favorite but i’m happy that you simply called me that.

Salman tells the inmates that there are 9 people within the house but we’ve a surprise. there’ll be two wild card entries and that they are very wild. they’re going to meet you now as they’re within the house. Nora and Guru enter the house. they’re during a separated area. They both dance on nach meri rani. Salman welcomes Guru and welcomes back Nora. Salman says Nora entered in season 9 as a wild card entry. Now she is back in season 14 as a guest. there’s no connection between these both. I told the housemates that you simply both are wild card entries.

He says Nora didn’t do anything within the house but her journey started after the house together with her diligence . He wishes luck to Guru. The housemates meet Nora and Guru through the glass. Guru says you all do great. Nora says this season just started but there must be chemistry, i would like to ask who is their heart’s queen? Rahul says I even have a love-hate relationship with Nikki, she is my heart’s queen. We smile at one another within the morning. All laugh. Guru says does Nikki agree? Nikki says I don’t agree (Watch Bigg Boss 14).

Rahul says she said on the primary day that she came here to interrupt hearts. All laugh. Nora asks Eijaz who is his heart’s queen? Eijaz says you, you’re extremely hot and that i am an enormous fan. Salman says who within the house? Eijaz says i’m expecting wild cards, I even have no chemistry within the house. Salman asks Pavitra what happened to him? Pavitra says he’s very moody, he’s Zil-e-Ilahi and that i am Anarkali. Nora says so you would like him? She says no not in the least . Guru asks Jaan. Jaan says my heart’s queen is Nikki and Rahul copied my answer. Guru asks Nikki if this is often often a love triangle? Nikki says this is nothing (Watch Bigg Boss 14).

Salman asks Rahul, Jaan and Guru to sing for Nikki. Rahul sings challa. Guru sings meri rani meri rani. Jaan sings tujhe dekha toh ye jana sanam. Salman sings with him and starts singing bhabhi tera deewar.. All laugh. Salman starts jamming session with them. All clap. Salman tells Jaan that you simply are compensating by taking Nikki’s name (Watch Bigg Boss 14).
Guru tells Nora that we will take a test. Nora says they need to try to to Nach meri Rani’s hook step. Salman says do the bum step. Nora says he remembers. Nora and Guru show them the hook step. all of them follow Guru and Nora and dance. Salman joins them also . Nora says now boys need to do garmi hook step. Guru says you all remember? Nora says nobody forgets it. All boys within the house start shaking their bums on the ground .

On the Stage: Wild Card Entries (Watch Bigg Boss 14)

Watch Bigg Boss 14

Salman says that there has been such a lot in three weeks of the season but it’s getting to go up now, the scene will flip another time. Our two wild entries are coming here. they’re famous faces on TV and that i know they’re going to entertain us. Let’s meet them.

Kavita and Naina face one another on the stage. They both dance on haseeno ka deewana. Salman welcomes them by sanitizing their hands. Salman asks who is more confident? Naina points at Kavita. Kavita says i used to be confident but not anymore as Salman is ahead of me. Naina can’t control her laughter watching Salman. Kavita says Naina goes to be tons of fun within the house. Naina says i’m not confident anymore. Kavita says i’m wont to pants so i’m not comfortable during a dress, my father was a policeman and he wont to talk within the local language so I wont to copy him. Salman says i used to be a lover of yours and no-one has done lady cop’s character better than you. Salman asks Naina if she has watched the show? she says not much but I even have followed this season. Salman says we attend know that you simply are getting to search for a boyfriend within the house? Naina says i used to be trying to find the person but not anymore after watching the season (Watch Bigg Boss 14).

I haven’t dated someone formally so i assumed i will be able to find the guy here on the other hand I watched the episodes and these people don’t even have brains. i assumed someone would stand out with their personalities but girls are powerful within the house while boys are playing in crowds and wish someone to cover behind. Salman says they’re all add progress? Kavita says I feel they’re over-prepared, they need some perception of the show, like yesterday Eijaz and Pavitra were close like Sid and Asim wont to do on the other hand i assumed Pavitra and Eijaz will kiss but they didn’t. i’m going inside to spread love. Naina says Jaan is trying his luck also . Salman asks if they know each other? Kavita says we met today only. Naina says I even have been Kavita’s fan, my mom asked me to not fight her within the house. Salman says what else did she? She said to fight where it’s necessary. Salman says we’ll take your BBQ test. we’ll ask questions associated with the house. you’ll play your buzzers if you recognize the solution (Watch Bigg Boss 14) .

Salman asks who Pavitra likes within the house? Naina says Abhinav. Salman says really? There was a fight associated with that but you’re right Naina (Watch Bigg Boss 14). Salman asks Jaan is cursed with whom? Naina says in Nikki. Salman asks what’s Abhi’s favorite tool? Naina says it’s a screwdriver. Salman asks who is an encyclopedia of the house? Kavita says it’s Abhi. Salman asks who cries the foremost within the house? Naina says it’s Jasmin. Salman asks what Pavitra calls to Eijaz? Naina says it’s Chicha.. Kavita says Salman calls him that, he’s called Khan saab. Salman asks what color of the towel Rahul was famous for? Naina answers a purple towel. Salman says it’s useless to ask more questions as Naina wins. Kavita says i’m embarrassed. Salman asks them to take a seat on the chairs. They take their seats (Watch Bigg Boss 14).

Salman says i will be able to call a 3rd fresher and he’s a number , VJ, RJ. He calls Shardul Pundit. Salman welcomes Shardul and sanitizes him. Shardul says I even have corona anxiety. He says i used to be jobless for 1.5 years but I started with being an RJ, I did working on TV. I did VJing then i used to be jobless. Salman says you visited Indoor within the lockdown? Shardul says I didn’t have money and that i had loans on me so I went back to my family house. Salman says it’s good that you simply met your family and you bought this show now (Watch Bigg Boss 14).

I hope you get more work after this. Salman makes him meet Naina and Kavita. Salman says to Shardul that we take the BBQ test of each contestant. Salman says if this house was BB zoo then what animal are going to be who? Pavitra will be? He says the wild cat. He says Jaan would be a bee. He says Nikki are going to be a crow together with her hain hain. He says Abhi may be a pati.. he’s very domesticated. Salman laughs. Salman shows Rubina. Shardul says she may be a fox, she is extremely smart. Shardul says Jasmin may be a cute rat, I recall Jerry seeing her. He says Rahul may be a woodpecker. He says Eijaz is an old grumpy hyena. he’s always serious. he’s very competitive (Watch Bigg Boss 14).

In the night, Pavitra tells Eijaz that I don’t want to remain here anymore, i would like to travel on the green-side. We are strong here now. We are going right, we’ll be friends with others but we will not sacrifice for others, they’re very clever, filthy things will start now (Watch Bigg Boss 14).

Salman says now there are 12 members within the house, let’s enjoy it. He signs faraway from the episode.

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