Watch Bigg Boss 14 26th October 2020 Episode 24 Update

Watch Bigg Boss 14 26th October 2020 Episode 24 Update

Watch Bigg Boss 14 Rahul, Nikki, Jaan And Pavitra Are Nominated This Week.

Nomination Special Day 23

9:15 AM

Kavita is in the kitchen and says it’s so messy here, Bigg Boss ought to have inquired as to whether they are getting exhausted here. I will request that they clean this, I need everything to be coordinated in my captaincy.

Telecast Date: 26th October 2020
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Day 24 8 AM

All detainees awaken to the tune Muqabala. They all dance. Kavita moves before the mirror. Nishant hits the dance floor with Rubina.


Bigg Boss says to the detainees that you will designate two prisoners each. Kavita is sheltered as she is the skipper. Pavitra and Eijaz are now selected so nobody will assign them. We will call one prisoner, that detainee will apply froth on the individual who they need to assign (Watch Bigg Boss 14).

Rubina: She selects Rahul for being not in the house in genuine, making issues out of little things, thinking she is above everything. She applies froth all over. Rubina designates Nikki for being so open with her cards, she isn’t intriguing any longer.

Jasmin: She designates Rahul for making issues from nothing, he is guileful and peculiar. She assigns Jaan for being befuddled in the house, he isn’t solid (Watch Bigg Boss 14).

Jaan: He chooses Rahul for being traitorous and his tongue is terrible. He applies plat full froth all over. He assigns Nikki. He says I am not uncertain, I will name her to commit her compensation for her errors.

Shardul: He assigns Nishant as he might suspect he is an opposition (Watch Bigg Boss 14). He chooses Rubina for being a solid rivalry (Watch Bigg Boss 14).

Rahul: He assigns Rubina as he might suspect she is modest (meli). She is a predominance complex, everybody is working here however she boasts about her work so a lot, her psyche is a cobweb. Rubina says I wish your words coordinated your reasoning. Rahul designates Jaan and says I scorn nepotism and he is a nepo youngster. Rubina says you are offending his craft. Nishant says there is no explanation in bringing that point here, you might have given a superior explanation. Rubina discloses to Rahul that you have reviled a craftsman. Rahul says I have applauded his singing yet this is unique (Watch Bigg Boss 14). Rubina says you need to put others down to like yourself. You slighted a craftsman. Rahul says you simply need motivation to fire at me. Jaan says I am glad for my dad being Kumar Sanu. Rahul says that is decent. Jaan says I am fortunate to have him and tragic for you. Rahul says I didn’t require a celebrated dad, I am an independent individual. Jaan says my mom has raised me, I am here on my mom’s childhood, my father saw ability in me that is the reason he upheld me. I will show you the nepotism. Jasmin advises Jaan to not explain to him. Rubina says his voice has Saraswati (Watch Bigg Boss 14).

Nishant: He chooses Rahul for being so modest and having little reasoning. Rahul says I am a lion. Nishant says some of the time jackal thinks he is a lion. He designates Nikki for having no commitment to the house. Nikki says he is a bovine.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 25th October 2020 Written Episode 23 Update

Nikki: She names Nishant considering him a jackass, she says play your own game. She is going to toss froth at him yet he requests that her be conscious. Nikki says I won’t be deferential. Nishant says don’t compel it all over. Nikki says this isn’t forcefulness, I need to toss all over. Remain inside your cutoff points. Kavita asks Nikki to apply all over however doesn’t smack it all over. Nikki says I won’t slap it, he is only a simpleton. She applies all over. Nikki chooses Abhi as she can’t comprehend his idea, Rubina said that her better half resulted in these present circumstances show in view of her as it were. Rubina says I never said it. Abhi asks Rubina to leave it. Nikki says you individuals don’t play separately. Abhi asks Nikki to not exhaust him. Nikki says you have no understanding of the game. She applies froth on the face completely (Watch Bigg Boss 14). Nikki says all of you are jackels, imbeciles and bulls.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 26th October 2020 Episode 24 Update

Abhi: He says I have met numerous individuals yet there are not many individuals that I don’t care for. Nikki made everybody dance in the main week however now she just bores everybody. She is simply frantic at this point. I will designate her on a touchy character premise. Nikki says you simply duplicate me. He applies froth all over. Abhi assigns Rahul as he brought outside things here and pointed fingers at a craftsman, it wasn’t right. He likewise battles on little subjects. Jaan expresses gratitude toward Abhi. Abhi applies all over and says it was not needed. Rahul says it’s alright in the event that you disagree with the nepotism thing (Watch Bigg Boss 14).

Naina: She says I conversed with everybody and I attempted to converse with Nikki however she was not intrigued by any means. I truly thought to have a perfect psyche when I came inside about her yet her vibes are bad. She chooses Nikki. Naina says I don’t care for individuals who can’t stand firm for themselves, Jaan is getting offended by going on a similar course which carries disgrace to him. She assigns Jaan (Watch Bigg Boss 14).

6 PM

Jasmin discloses to Jaan that I don’t have the foggiest idea why consistently I have had a delicate corner with you and Shahzad. You both resembled siblings to me. You are my sibling and you are putting your confidence down, I am finished seeing you lose regard this way. Shardul reveals to Jaan that you didn’t come here to make connections, you have come to become well known, you didn’t come here to make a romantic tale, it will drift for 4 days and afterward it will end seriously (Watch Bigg Boss 14).

Nikki discloses to Eijaz that I don’t care for individuals advising Jaan to not come to me, he doesn’t have a brain.

Scene closes.


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