After Rehana, Mia Khalifa also spoke in favor of Indian farmers

After Rehana, Mia Khalifa also spoke in favor of Indian farmers

World-renowned media personality Mia Khalifa has come out in support of protesting farmers in India.

According to the details, Mia Khalifa released two messages one after another in support of these oppressed farmers on social media while she also shared pictures of the protesters.

It may be recalled that the ongoing protests in India have also become the focus of attention of world-renowned celebrities where one celebrity after another is raising their voices in support of the protesting farmers.

On the other hand, when the American broadcaster CNN published a report regarding the suspension of internet service, it was retweeted on Twitter by the American singer Rehana from Barbados.

“Why aren’t we talking about this?” Rihanna asked.

However, now after Rehana, world-renowned media personality Mia Khalifa has released her anti-India and pro-farmer messages.

The former Bollywood actress shared a picture of farmers in a tweet and said, “How are human rights being violated? Is New Delhi’s internet shut down? ‘

Mia Khalifa quipped, “Are these hired actors?” The casting director did a lot of work, I hope he won’t be overlooked in the awards season.

However, at the end of his message, he said that he was standing by the side of the farmers.


He also used the hashtag of farmers’ protest in his messages.

It should be noted that the farmers who raised their voice for their rights are now present in the Indian state of New Delhi, where the Indian government has suspended the internet service and broken the mountains of oppression on them.


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