5 ideas to celebrate Saint Patrick 2020 at home

5 ideas to celebrate Saint Patrick 2020 at home

Today Saint Patrick 2020, the patron saint of Ireland, is celebrated. Quarantine forces us to be at home, so we cannot go outside to celebrate this day. But there is no need to worry because there are many plans to celebrate San Patricio 2020 at home.

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Irish music (Saint Patrick 2020)

If you are a great music lover, can you think of a better plan to celebrate Saint Patrick 2020 at home than to listen to some Irish group? On Spotify you can find the Playlists “Saint Patrick’s Day” and “Saint Patricks Day”, both with traditional Celtic songs.

Sofa and film

One of the best plans to quarantine at home is to enjoy an afternoon of couch and movie. On the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day we propose two titles.

On the one hand, “Cursed Clover. ” An American horror movie with an evil elf as the protagonist. He is imprisoned in the roots of an old oak tree, but is accidentally released on St. Patrick’s Day. Once free, take revenge on the family of those who imprisoned you.

And, on the other hand, «Saint Patrick 2020: The Irish Legend ». It is based on the life of Saint Patrick, a 5th-century priest who set out to convert the Irish population to Christianity.

Irish cuisine

If you want to have a good time cooking, today is the day to prepare some typical Irish dishes. For example, the Boxty, a potato cake that is delicious. Or the Coddle, prepared with pork sausages, bacon, and potatoes. A world of possibilities!


If you want to do something fun, why don’t you suggest to your family or friends that you all dress up as Saint Patrick with what you have at home? At the end of the day, you can make a video call and thus see the costumes of the others. Laughter is guaranteed!

Decorate the house (Saint Patrick 2020)

And finally, if you want to give your house an Irish flair, you can decorate it with lucky clovers and little elves. Crafts are another great idea to make quarantine more enjoyable.

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