Animal Crossing New Horizons Available Exclusively

Animal Crossing New Horizons Available Exclusively

The animal starring franchise Animal Crossing has received its latest video game, Animal Crossing New Horizons, in which the characters move to a desert island and increases the possibilities for customization.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available exclusively this Friday for the hybrid Nintendo Switch console, as announced by Nintendo in a statement sent to Xclusive Channel Network.

The new title, developed by the Nintendo studio -author of the saga since the first installment for Nintendo 3DS in 2013-, allows you to generate a community from scratch, completely change the geography of the island or customize objects with DIY tools.

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As in the rest of the series, this video game is a simulation in which, although the starting point is the same, it is the user who decides his own challenges, where he wants to go and the pace at which he wants to play.

Businessman Tom Nook (animal crossing new horizons Nintendo)

At the start of the game in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, businessman Tom Nook awaits the player with his new business idea: the Desert Islands Settlement Plan by Nook Inc., A proposal to be the first inhabitant of an idyllic place in the middle from the ocean (Animal Crossing New Horizons).

For the first time, this installment aims to build a community from scratch, first with few utensils and a tent. At first, the character is practically alone, but as the island improves, new villagers will appear and it may even be possible to host public buildings such as a museum or a fashion store.

Each of the creatures has completely different personalities and tastes so the player must take care of their relationship with them and pay attention to details, all while time on the island passes at the same time in the real world, both in terms of days like seasons (Animal Crossing New Horizons).

Customization options also include the option of modifying the island’s geography, building bridges and access ramps, and even creating roads, changing the course of rivers or modifying elevations. Other new features are the Nookophone and its applications, a camera, a map or direct access to the Miles Nook program.

Players start with few resources, but to get more they can use the plane to visit neighboring islands, so it is possible to play with other people. In addition, up to eight people can play on the same island to allow playing with friends, as well as playing in ‘Group Play’ with up to four players.

“Being a game, communication is much more free and creative, and allows us to connect with each other in a totally different way,” said the director of the title, Aya Kyogoku.


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