Ariana Grande sadness against a fan who wanted to kill her

Ariana Grande sadness against a fan who wanted to kill her

Ariana grande sadness was trending on social networks during the last hours due to a serious situation that she suffered more than a month ago. A fan of the singer broke into her house while she was gone and scared her mother.

According to TMZ, the interpreter obtained a restraining order in the last few hours, after notes were found in the stalker’s backpack that said he wanted to “murder the artist. ”

“I am afraid for my life,” Grande told authorities when she requested the measure. It all started last March 14 when a young man identified as Fidel Henriquez, who had entered the property hidden behind a delivery truck, began to knock violently on the door of the singer’s home.

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The TMZ portal said that the neighbors saw the fan speaking only near a garbage can and had a paper in his hand, which apparently was a love letter for the singer.

Upon checking her backpack, the police found several notes that read: “I want to kill Ariana Grande.” However, they found no indication that he was armed. He was finally released and a temporary restraining order was signed, which did not reassure the interpreter of “7 rings”.

This Friday the singer Ariana grande sadness presented a formal request to the Los Angeles court, where she assures that she lives in fear and fears that the man is still trying to find her. In the last hours, Grande obtained a restraining order in force for five years, which determines that the fan cannot get closer than 100 meters from the artist or her mother, and of course, cannot have any contact with her.


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