Autism Awareness Day is commemorated

Autism Awareness Day is commemorated

Autism awareness day the initiative of the UN, the planet is remembered and fought for the rights of people with autism spectrum. The activities that will be carried out in the middle of the quarantine.

This Thursday, April 2, is the World Autism Awareness Day, a disorder that in Argentina has about 700 thousand people.

And that is why today there will be a virtual meeting and different related activities due to the mandatory quarantine that governs the coronavirus pandemic.

The Argentine Program for Children, Adolescents, and Adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions (Panacea) and the organizations that make up the Autism Spectrum Network (RedEA) will carry out today a “virtual plaza” to commemorate World Autism Awareness Day.

The organizations, which are non-profit, detailed that, due to social isolation, it will not be possible to hold the meeting that takes place every year in a plaza, so it was decided to carry it out virtually, through the page of RedEA.

In this ” virtual plaza “, which will operate between 16 and 18:30, presentations and 15-minute debate talks will be held by NGOs and it will have a virtual gazebo, which will function as a meeting and exchange place.

In parallel, at 14, the Instagram account @panaacea will provide answers to queries from people with autism awareness day and their families.


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At the same time, the organizations will participate in the digital marathon in networks using the color blue and citing the hashtags #hablemosdeautismo #diamundialautismo # 2A #laplazaencasa # plazavirtual2A #seamableconelautismo.

“In view of the total quarantine situation in Argentina, Panacea has put together a playlist on its YouTube channel ( called #quedateencasa with Panacea, as well as a short online course called” Tools to put in practice from home and with the family, “they explained.

In addition, Panacea recalled that the free program uploaded to YouTube “Here and Now” -based on interviews with professionals from various specialties and people with experience in the field of the autism spectrum- answers the most frequently asked questions about autism.

Why on this date Autism Awareness Day?

At the initiative of the United Nations (UN), which seeks to contribute to improving the quality of life of people with autism awareness day.

According to the latest study by the United States CDC, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a condition that affects 1 in 54 children. In ASD, communication and language development are altered, at different levels, social interaction, and flexibility of behavior.

“Having an early diagnosis and adequate treatment completely improves people’s prognosis, therefore the importance of speaking and making visible,” said Celeste Marisi, from the TGD-Parents-TEA promoter group, in dialogue with Télam.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder consists of a neuro-biological condition that alters communication and relationship abilities; It varies from very mild to very serious, depending on the degree of loss of social and communication skills, and they are diagnosed with certainty from the age of three.

“There are some warning signs that parents should know and that arise from the year, such as that the child does not react to the call of the name, does not point out objects of interest, do not present imaginary situations, for example, feeding a bear or make an airplane fly and avoid and make no eye contact, “added Marisi.

He continued: “They may also lose words they have acquired, have a delay in acquiring language, throw tantrums for no apparent reason, or make stereotypical repetitive movements such as walking on tiptoe, flapping or turning on themselves.”

Although there are no official statistics, the TGD-Padres-TEA organization reported that it is estimated that in Argentina there are more than 700,000 people with autism.

In November 2014, Congress passed Law 27.043, on the Comprehensive Approach to Autism Spectrum Disorders, but until today it has not been regulated.

“The implementation of the Law would improve the situation especially for the most vulnerable sectors, those who do not have social works or prepayments; in addition, the norm provides for research and development of statistics, which is fundamental for planning public policies,” said Marisi.

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