Bad Boys For Life 2020 Nicky Jam meets with Smith and Yankee

Bad Boys For Life 2020 Nicky Jam meets with Smith and Yankee

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Nicky Jam meets with Will Smith and Daddy Yankee in “Bad Boys For Life”. The star of reggaeton acts like a bad guy in the film, which also includes his new success with Yankee “Move it”, the first in two decades that they record as the duo Los Cangris.

The Puerto Rican superstar of reggaetón said that his participation in the film, which premieres on Friday, emerged by “pure coincidence” after he and Smith performed “Live It Up”, the official theme of the 2018 World Cup.

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“We were in Russia … and he told me he was doing ‘Bad Boys’ and I said, ‘I want to be part of that,'” Jam said Wednesday in an interview with The Associated Press, in English. “He told me, ‘man if you do the casting and pass it, it’s yours.’ I came to Los Angeles, I did the casting and I got it. ”

Hollywood stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence (Bad Boys For Life ):

“Bad Boys For Life,” a 1995 “Bad Boys” sequel, brings together Hollywood stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, respectively. Jam plays one of the bad guys. His screen credits also include the biographical series “Nicky Jam: The Winner” by Netflix and Telemundo, and the action film “xXx: Return of Xander Cage” (“xXx: Reactivated”) with Vin Diesel.

As for his meeting with Yankee, although both had collaborated in recent years, this is the first time in two decades that they release a song like The Cangris. (Colloquially, “cangri” means the strongest or the best in Puerto Rico).

The party calls me:

The duo, which they created in the late 1990s, released successful singles like “White sheets,” “Guayando,” and “Feel you.” But as of 2004, the singers distanced themselves, according to reports, because while Yankee wanted to work on his musical career, Jam plunged into excesses and began his problems with drugs In 2012 they met to record “The party calls me”, but not as Los Cangris but as a collaboration. At that time they said they had resolved their differences, and with their new release, they confirm it.

Two big stars in Bad Boys For Life :

“No one is trying to do any favor. They are two big stars at their best gathering their powers and come on, ‘Bad Boys’ is making a movie after 20 years, The Cangris are making a song together after 20 years and is part of ‘Bad Boys’, so no It could be better, ”Jam said.

Now the duo plans to give a concert in Medellin at the end of March.

“We planned this show in Colombia and all tickets were sold in a matter of hours. It was crazy, ”said Jam. “So obviously yes, after that we said ‘OK, we have to go on tour.’ We are working on the tour. ”

Bad Boys For Life Full Movie:

Bad Boys For Life 2020


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