Best Buy Samsung Galaxy Fold Review And Accessories

Best Buy Samsung Galaxy Fold Review And Accessories

First folding screen phones from major brands Samsung Galaxy Fold, which launched the process can be said to be twists and turns , but also shows that there are indeed many mobile phone design improvements. However, how can this type of mobile phone change the user experience? Is the design of a folding screen phone really claimed to be practical? Questions such as this, finally got some answers after I borrowed the evaluation machine. Let’s share it with everyone (Best Buy Samsung Galaxy Fold).

Best Buy Samsung Galaxy Fold
The first folding screen phone from a mainstream brand also shoulders the heavy responsibility of guiding how this design is positioned.

Shape design Samsung Galaxy Fold

To be honest, as far as the appearance of the Galaxy Fold is concerned, I feel that it is more capable of being a Note name, because after being folded up, the part of the middle hinge appears as the spine of the book, and it will be large enough when opened. To operate on a flat surface, this is not a notebook (Note). But in fact, this phone is still named Fold, so let’s continue (Samsung Galaxy Fold).

best buy samsung galaxy fold

The folded Galaxy Fold with the external screen can be used directly as a slim phone (a little Essential Project Gem flavor). What you see on the front is a 21: 9 4.6-inch HD + Super AMOLED screen (720 x 1,680). The specifications may not be attractive, but its display density is condensed to 399ppi due to the small screen, so the picture is quite detailed. What’s even better is that because the editor borrowed a coincidence from the so-called “cosmic black” color, under the characteristics of the AMOLED panel, the dark picture is merged with the black machine surface, and the content is incorporated into the thick border, which reduces the sense of obscurity. There is also a handset and a 10MP front-facing selfie camera on the front of the phone. It is used by users for audio and video calls, so if you want to make a call, you must fold the Galaxy Fold. Otherwise, use the package The box comes with the Galaxy Buds (Samsung Galaxy Fold).

Folding screen

Having said so much, I finally have to get to the point, which is to expand my phone. After a little force, the hinge of the Galaxy Fold will take advantage of the two sides of the fuselage to open outward, at this time the fingers can feel the force of the mechanical structure, quite healing. Pushing it harder again will jam the mechanism, and the screens on both sides will be completely flat. What we see at this time is a 7.3-inch 4.2: 3 QXGA + Dynamic AMOLED screen (2,152 x 1,536) (Best Buy Samsung Galaxy Fold).

best buy samsung galaxy fold

After the baptism of a large number of narrow-screen mobile phones in recent years, it suddenly changed back to a nearly square screen display ratio. It is indeed a bit difficult to grasp its size. I still think “Is this really as large as 7.3 inches?” Another reason for this idea is that Samsung has applied a full-screen design to allow the screen to stretch to the side. However, in order to address the shortcomings of the original Galaxy Fold screen design, Samsung added protective strips on all four sides of the screen. This is not just about the outer frame. There is even a transition between the front dual cameras located in the upper right corner, forming a small frame similar to the ancient Egyptian symbol text, surrounding the 10MP and 8MP dual selfie camera groups (Samsung Galaxy Fold).

Audiovisual experience

Probably no one insists on watching on a small screen when there is a choice of a large screen, right? But Xiaobian will not give up these stubborn friends, so I will still barely look at the video on the Galaxy Fold’s 4.6-inch small screen to see its display performance.

The external screen specifications of the Galaxy Fold are also mentioned above. It is a Super AMOLED panel with only HD + resolution. Looking at the messages and sliding the web a little, some basic mobile phone uses are absolutely competent. It is also useful to take pictures, because the color accuracy of this screen is also good, and there is no obvious difference from the actual scene. However, if you want to take a look at the video, you are a little tricky, because this narrow and long display ratio will waste the left and right space when playing 16: 9 video (where are so many 21: 9 videos), on the screen Subtitles and small objects are hard to see. But outside of the size, in fact, the appearance and brightness of the external screen are very good, and it is not inferior to other mid-range and high-end mobile phones.

best buy samsung galaxy fold

Alright, don’t work hard, let’s go back and watch the video on the large 7.3-inch screen. Galaxy Fold’s QXGA + Dynamic AMOLED Infinity Flex Display is similar in name to the S10 and Note 10 series, and it also has HDR10 + certification. However, under direct comparison, Fold’s color will be lighter. If you are very obsessed with bright colors and high brightness contrast to stimulate your eyes, the display performance of Fold may be compared with the traditional models of the same door, which is the price of a foldable panel. But if you want a comfortable viewing experience, Fold’s subtle color grading may be an advantage.

Then there is the audio part. As mentioned above, the Galaxy Fold has a dual speaker configuration that supports Dolby Atmos. Because the speaker does not need to be hidden in the frame like the S10 or Note 10, and does not need to double as a handset, its volume and sound quality can be enhanced. Therefore, when watching video, Fold’s stereo sound and surrounding feeling are more sufficient, and the presence is better. Of course, this is also thanks to Dolby Atmos technology, because if this sound effect is turned off, Fold’s amplifier effect will suddenly become dull.

Software system Samsung Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Fold comes preloaded with One UI 1.5 based on Android 9. The basic use is similar to the Note 10 series. It is a user interface that is convenient for one-handed use. It is similar in use on the small screen. But of course, the Galaxy Fold is not only as simple as moving other mobile phone systems, after all, because it has a small tablet-like screen, the interface after the screen is expanded will also change. The most obvious change is that the virtual navigation bar can be set to one side of the screen, which is convenient for one-handed operation of this large screen. At the same time, a separate mode has been added to the virtual keyboard, which makes it easier to press the characters in the center of the keyboard when two handsets are used.

best buy samsung galaxy fold

But the most important difference is the unique connection properties of the Galaxy Fold. To put it simply, the applications and content displayed on the small screen are adaptively displayed to the size of the large screen after opening the screen, and vice versa. This is actually the latest development of the Android system, so that the content and format of the application will automatically respond to changes in screen size and shape. To put it bluntly, it also paves the way for deformation machines. Needless to say, Samsung is the leading runner in the anamorphic display of the app. Whether it is a multi-window display or a deformable floating small window, the Note series has been well used, so coming to Fold is not necessarily a problem.

Most of the commonly used applications (officially said that there are ” hundreds of models “) have screen switches that support Galaxy Fold. Xiaobian’s commonly used IM and social software are listed. Some relatively static games, such as “Royal War / Clash Royale, Brawl Star, and Deemo all have support for switching between large and small screens, but there is no longer the display requirement of “Crash Royal 3rd”. The straight-line display of “Mali” “Austrian Racing Tour” is also not supported. It seems that it depends on the developer whether to support screen distortion. Samsung still has a dedicated settings page to show and let users set what and which apps can switch between large and small screens.

best buy samsung galaxy fold

A Samsung is most commonly used to highlight the advantages of switching between large and small screens, and Xiaobian also most agrees that it is a practical Fold application. When viewing image content such as photos and maps, you can select it on the small screen and then switch to the large screen. See more clearly. For example, I want to find a way to go to a restaurant. It may be after I find it on the small screen, and then I look for it on the big screen. The use of big screens and small screens is not without it. It ’s like watching videos on the car, social platform posts, replying to messages, etc. You can fold the screen in half when you get off the bus or need to move. Hold the phone and continue to watch the content (please pay attention to the road when walking, thank you for your cooperation).

Multi-tasking experience Samsung Galaxy Fold

Well, I will be so attached to the design of the next-generation mobile phone with a small body and a large screen. One of the reasons I can think of is to hope to satisfy the greedy multi-work desire of modern people. Therefore, the Galaxy Fold, which has a 7.3-inch screen, does not accidentally have the property of dividing the screen into three, and with the function of the floating window, users can fully fill the screen.
By default, the first window will be placed to the left in the multiplex mode, the second window will appear on the right, the third window will be on the bottom right, and the app will be opened later (Samsung Galaxy Fold). Instead of opening it in this corner; more extreme usage is to put 4 or 5 pop-up windows at the same time after all three split windows are open, for a total of 10+ apps in use. Just what is the intention? Do you want to stress test the S855 + 12GB RAM specification? Anyway, Galaxy Fold is what allows you to do this, and it is a stress-free app.
In addition to opening multiple apps, linkage between apps is the core of multiplexing. The text and pictures that Samsung already had in the Galaxy Note series were naturally added to Fold. This way, when replying to emails and messages, you can simply share the content in other apps, eliminating the need to press “Copy, “Paste” to enhance the multi-tasking experience.

Specifications and performance

Galaxy Fold introduced in Hong Kong is a 4G version with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 + 12GB RAM + 512GB storage space. Although it is not the 5G version, it may make some friends feel inadequate. After all, such a high price is more desirable in one step. However, the 4G version has a slightly larger 4,380mAh battery than the 5G version.
best buy samsung galaxy fold
The real drawback is its charging technology. The Galaxy Fold with dual batteries unexpectedly does not support the 45W fast charging of the Note 10 series (Samsung Galaxy Fold). Fortunately, the attributes of wireless charging and reverse wireless charging are still retained, reducing the impact on practicality, just waiting for charging. However, Xiaobian’s own usage methods, such as slipping Facebook, web pages, watching videos and listening to songs, there is no pressure to charge in a day. In the PC Mark’s battery life test, with half brightness and Wi-Fi turned on, the home screen played nearly 9 hours of content.
In our commonly used mobile phone performance testing tool, the core specifications of the Galaxy Fold do not accidentally score high. This is no wonder, after all, this phone is still ready to be opened by users on ten apps at the same time.

To Sum Up Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung ’s introduction of the Galaxy Fold ’s surprising mobile phone shows their various accomplishments in panel, mobile phone design, and software development. It also shows that the next new battlefield of the mobile phone market will turn to the direction of deformed mobile phones. Speaking of the application of the folding screen mobile phone, at present, it still does not feel particularly superior to the traditional bar phone design. To be honest, after folding Fold a few times, I didn’t feel special. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the folded form may bring a sense of freshness (Samsung Galaxy Fold). The next more important thing is how developers can make good use of the large and small screen deformation characteristics to develop apps. At the same time, the marketing team must also think about Think of a way to convince consumers that this folding screen is what the future mobile phone looks like.
Now for the Galaxy Fold phone alone, there is no doubt that this is the only mobile phone product in the market today. Its strong performance supports the possibility of heavy multi-use, and the large foldable screen also provides enough space for display. ; The external screen can also allow users to handle some simple tasks, there is a user experience closer to the possibility that everyone is already shuttle between two large and small devices. In summary, the Galaxy Fold is definitely worth everyone’s attention, and I believe it will become a reference for the future development of mobile phone design (Samsung Galaxy Fold).

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