Watch Bigg Boss 14 20th October Episode 18 Written Update

Watch Bigg Boss 14 20th October Episode 18 Written Update

Day 17 Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18 Written Update

8 AM Eijaz is sleeping within the garden.

The inmates awaken to the Matlab ke ishare.. le mera number. all of them dance.

11:15 AM Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18

Sid tells to Pavitra that you simply should ask Hina and Gauhar. Remain in their good books. Pavitra says I don’t get alongside Gauhar, she tries to dominate tons. i’m excellent with Hina. I won’t put within the extra effort. Sid says to place during a bit of effort.

Gauhar tells Jaan and Rahul that I trust your potential. ask me openly about anything.

Pavitra tells Nikki that we’ve to be sort of a team immediately . Nikki says why did you select Sid? Pavitra says he’s blunt like me but he’s emotional also . When he puts his point across, I see myself.

Telecast Date: 20th October 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And VootVideo
Source : Standard Video Licence

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12 PM Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18

Hina tells Rubina and Nishant to speak to every other and end this spray thing. Nishant tells Rubina that Abhi promised he wouldn’t mention the spray thing as he forgave me. Rubina says you were pointing at our humanity because we weren’t chopping? we’ve been cooking all day. Nishant says you only brought spray thing again because you didn’t have any reason to point at me. Abhi comes there and asks Rubina to go away this discussion. Rubina tells Nishant that you simply are a well-educated guy so we don’t expect that you wouldn’t read the danger of that spray on humans. Nishant says I didn’t read the risks . Rubina says we understand that you simply have clarified your point.

1:45 PM Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18

Abhi tells everyone that we will divide duties so everyone has time for themselves. Eijaz says cooking may be a priority during this house. Jasmin says who knows the way to cook? Nikki says I won’t work, I still have the privilege. Abhi says we will divide work and leave Nikki out of it. Jasmin says i would like to wash the toilet because a nasty smell gives me nausea. i would like to wash it. Jaan tells Rubina that if you don’t want to cook breakfast then will you cook lunch? Rubina says the kitchen task is just too tedious on behalf of me so i would like to urge out. Jaan asks Pavitra if she will cook lunch? Pavitra says I won’t roll in the hay . Shahzad says we’ve to make a decision on someone to cook. Eijaz says you’re invisible. Gauhar says he can talk if he wants. Eijaz says he’s not a decision-maker. Shahzad says you don’t ask me Eijaz. Eijaz says you’re invisible for a reason.

2:15 PM Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18


Pavitra tells Rahul that I even have back pain also but i’m working here. Rahul shows his bending posture and says I can’t roll in the hay . Jasmin says being considerate is foolish here.

Abhi tells Rubina that he took on washing duty then flipped. Rubina says she was dancing on the ground which was fine?

2:30 PM Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18

Jasmin tells that Rahul will do his work from now on, he’s lying. Rahul comes there and tells Jasmin that you simply will tell me about my pain now? you’ve got medical conditions also. Jasmin says I don’t pack up due to that, I won’t do anything for you. Rahul says I clean the toilet daily for you. I even have back pain so I can’t bend forward for quite a while . Eijaz says I even have back pain also but I didn’t face any pain while washing the dishes. Nishant tells Rahul that you simply can try washing the dishes and if you are feeling pain then we will work something out.

Nishant says Rahul will help in chopping. Jasmin says but he can’t be slow. Rahul comes there. Nishant says Jasmin et al. will assist you in chopping. Jasmin says Rahul has got to chop onions also. Rahul says i’m hospitable chop onions. Jasmin says you can’t say that you simply are tired within the middle of the chopping. Rahul says i will be able to do the chopping but I won’t beg for help from others. Jasmin says if you’re nice to me then i will be able to help. Nishant says i will be able to help also. Rahul says i will be able to wash the breakfast dishes for two days but if I feel pain then i will be able to put my point across.

Bigg boss 14 20th october episode 18
Watch Bigg Boss 14 20th October Episode 18

7:30 PM Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18

Jaan is giving a head massage to Nikki. Nikki says i used to be looking for this, you’re so sweet. You weren’t this sweet before the show? Nishant says i will be able to leave now, he leaves. Nikki says Nishant is extremely boring. he’s talking on any topic he wants to. Nikki says you’re my personal masseuse. you’re a true sweetheart.

10 PM Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18

Nishant tells Jaan that Rahul gets irritating sometimes. He acts cheap together with his joking. He does sly things and really arrogant. Jaan says I saw that once I won that luxury budget task. He said that I knew you’d win because seniors favor me. Jaan says I said that i’m winning on my talent. I don’t sing meh like Rahul, I sing by worshiping. Nishant says an equivalent with me on acting. People sing like Rahul but I can’t as I desire it’s cheating with my art.

10:30 PM Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18


In the garden, all are singing pyaar humain ki mor par.. Sid jumps within the pool.

Abhi asks Rubina if she wants to speak to him? Rubina doesn’t answer. They hear all inmates singing outside. Rubina says let’s not leave it here.

Day 18
8 AM Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18

The inmates awaken to the buzzing sound rather than a song. they are available to the garden area to ascertain it divided into three teams. Bigg Boss says we would like everyone within the living area. All sit there. Jasmin says are we getting to be eliminated? Hina says this is often happening for the primary time here.

10 AM Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18

Pavitra tells Rahul that my shirt is shaking with a robust heartbeat. Nikki says they even asked seniors to pack their bags. Pavitra says you’re confirmed. Nikki says but they’re going to change the scene now. Rahul says all were shocked after the announcement.

10:45 AM Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18

Rubina is using ghee. Abhi asks her to travel easy on ghee. Rubina says they need another box. Gauhar says you both are cute. Abhi says they’re going to blame you if the flour goes out. He asks her to form smaller parathas. Rubina says i’m trying. Abhi says if we run out of flour then you’ll need to argue with them more.

11:45 AM Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18

Rubina involves Abhi and hugs him. She kisses cheek and says sorry. He says it’s okay.

Eijaz reads the task. The freshers and seniors have a relationship now. The three teams will fight. Sid team’s will have Eijaz, Pavitra and Nikki. Hina has Abhi, Rubina, Jasmin and Nishant. Gauhar has Rahul and Jaan. The losing team will leave the house today only along side their senior. There are three buzzers for every team within the garden. Each team has got to attempt to protect their buzzers.

12 PM Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18

Hina asks her team to attack the buzzer. Gauhar asks her to the team to guard their buzzer.
Sid tells Eijaz to guard their buzzer, don’t get scared or anyone. He says there are boys in other teams so girls have an obstacle in protecting.

Gauhar talks to Hina and says i would like to team with you. Hina says we will make an alliance against Sid. Gauhar says don’t make it obvious ahead of Sid. Sid’s team comes there. Sid shouts at Jasmin to irritate her. Sid says my team will win. all of them await the gong to play. Gauhar asks Sid to not distract the freshers. Sid says there’s no rule like that.

12:30 PM Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18

They all are standing their buzzers to attack as soon because the gong plays. Shahzad keeps cooing in Eijaz’s ear. Jasmin is standing beside Eijaz. Eijaz tells Hina that her team will go. Abhi is there also . Hina says Jasmin is robust . Jasmin says he’s threatening me immediately . Hina cheers for Jasmin. Sid asks Eijaz to concentrate. Hina asks her team to not lose focus. All have taken their positions. Jaan and Nikki are standing beside one another . Gauhar says Nikki will attack her friend? Nikki says there’s no friendship.

1 PM Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18

They are still expecting the gong. Hina asks Rahul to modify . Rahul is obstructing Nikki but changes his position. Gauhar and Hina are teaming up and Sid sees it. Gauhar asks Rahul to stay the main target on Nikki. Gauhar asks Sid to remain faraway from her box. Gauhar says one person will protect the buzzer, remember that. Gauhar asks Sid to not block his team.

1:15 PM Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18

All are still waiting and therefore the gong plays. all of them attack the buzzer. Gauhar’s buzzer has been attacked by four people. Rubina holds the buzzer and every one attack her. Rahul continue Sid’s buzzer for five seconds. Gauhar says it’s done. Hina and Gauhar’s team celebrate their victory.

1:30 PM Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18

Hina hugs Sid and says it’s an honest game. It’s okay. Gauhar hugs him and says you’re a cheater. Sid says I didn’t cheat. Gauhar says there have been three people here. Sid says you type on tweets once you don’t see things. Gauhar says three people from your team attacked and every one are watching. Bigg Boss should see. Sid says we’ll see what action is taken. Hina says you’ve got to use your mind also. Sid says it had been my strategy to distract them.
Gauhar says they might have distracted from outside the box.

2 PM Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18

Jaan tells Rahul that they broke the rule.
Jasmin says to Rubina they thought we might attacked Eijaz but we left him and went for others.

2:30 PM Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18

Jaan asks Pavitra if she is angry with him? Pavitra says stray now. Nikki says they act nice all the time but show their reality within the task. Pavitra says i will be able to not spare anyone now, you’ll put headphones in if you’ve got a drag with cursing because i’m not sparing anyone. Jaan leaves. Nikki tells Pavitra to not show your weakness to them.

3 PM Bigg boss 14 20th October episode 18

Bigg Boss talks to the seniors. He says if we decide who won or lost so it’d be taken as a partial decision. we’ll show you the footage and you’ve got to form a choice . Your work is completed during this house so make a good decision now. They watch the footage. Sid says Pavitra pressed the buzzer on Gauhar’s buzzer. Gauhar says there are three people within the box which is wrong. there’s a difference between standing or attacking. If you would like to be partial then i will be able to leave proudly in following the principles . I had the weakest players but we made a technique and that we didn’t cheat. Pavitra is hearing them and says women’s power wins like this? Gauhar asks Bigg Boss to offer a choice . Bigg Boss says you all have done seasons and you recognize the housemates take decisions and not us. Gauhar says no, Bigg Boss takes decisions within the tasks. Hina says if there’s not a mutual agreement then do the voting. Bigg Boss says if it’s about breaking rules then two teams have broken the principles . Sid and Gauhar’s teams have broken the principles . Sid says yes! I knew it. Gauhar says how? Bigg Boss says we’ll show you the clip again. Sid says it had been your negative strategy to use Hina’s team. Gauhar says we had an alliance and it had been not cheating. Sid says then I didn’t cheat also .

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