Bigg Boss 14 Online 4th October 2020 Written Full Episode 2

Bigg Boss 14 Online 4th October 2020 Written Full Episode 2

Day 1 Bigg Boss 14 Online 4th October 6 AM
Sid, Hina and Gauhar enter the house. Hina screams seeing the house again. Sid says the home is very nice. Bigg Boss welcomes them and ask all of them to travel to the living area. All contestants welcome them. Rahul asks Sid how is he? Jasmin says i used to be looking where my hair was cut. Sid says you were sweet and didn’t react. Jasmin says I had to be strong. Sid says wow, your tasks are going to be good then. Bigg Boss says this is often a replacement season and other people are changing their lifestyles due to Covid, we’ve a replacement normal but we’ve been doing lockdown since the primary season, we’ve been doing work from home from this house to entertain everyone. This time, BB will bring a replacement season with entertainment for the audience. You all are liable for this. just like the whole world changed this year, Bigg Boss scene will change too. Only the simplest contestants from these freshers will move forward. to settle on them, we’ve given this responsibility to 3 seniors. Gauhar set a benchmark by not breaking one rule, she is going to make new rules now. Hina always gave her 100% within the tasks. she is going to make it difficult for you guys. Sid was the last season’s winner, he took a substitute front of Salman also to inform about the reality . He will judge at each step now. we’ll continue this for subsequent 2 weeks. All freshers are within the ‘to be confirmed’ (TBC) list till them. Whoever becomes the winner in Gauhar, Hina and Sid’s eyes will move forward et al. will leave the house in only 2 weeks. 4 contestants were rejected on the primary day only. The 4 contestants who were rejected will stay within the garden area till the order is reversed. we’ve a robust reference to these seniors and hope this continues. We remember 7 years back when Gauhar was called within the confession room for the primary time, she was very emotional. we would like to ascertain if she same, we would like to call her back within the confession room. Gauhar laughs and says i’m still an equivalent , she sighs and goes to the confession room.

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CONFESSION ROOM Bigg Boss 14 Online 4th October:

Gauhar says hi to BB and says i’m shivering. Bigg Boss says hello Gauhar. She laughs and says the way you say Gauhar.. it makes my heart pump faster, how are you? He says we are good now. She says I can’t tell you what i’m feeling immediately . I feel what I felt 7 years ago. Bigg Boss says it’s good to ascertain your love still intact for the show. He gives her the instructions and asks her to read to the inmates. He asks her to call the rejected inmates within the garden.

Gauhar comes out of the confession room and goes to bring the rejected inmates within the house. Gauhar welcomes Rubina, Nishant, Jaan and Sarah. Gauhar reads the book which says that the rejected inmates will stay within the garden area. The seniors will have power against all. Gauhar will take care of the kitchen and no-one can cook without her permission. Sid will get authority over the bedroom. Nobody can use a bedroom without his permission. Hina will take care of luxury items which include BB Mall, Spa and gym area. Nobody can use the gym area without Hina’s permission.

6:45AM Bigg Boss 14 Online 4th October
Abhi meets everyone within the garden. Rubina asks Abhi to bring her things from the bedroom. Sarah meets Nikki. Gauhar says you can’t get anything immediately , we don’t realize your rules so wait to listen to from him. Jaan says we will sit anywhere within the garden. Nishant says there are 4 sleeping bags within the corner.

7:30 AM Bigg Boss 14 Online 4th October
Nikki says Rahul wants me to kiss on his cheeks, I don’t want to. I even have just come, he should await a touch . (Rahul has the task to urge a kiss from a girl). Rahul says i would like the kiss. Nikki says I just met you. Rahul says you’ll take some time .

bigg boss 14 online 4th october

Rahul asks Pavitra to kiss him as a lover . She says i’m a boy, you would like a kiss? Rahul calls Abhi and says i would like a kiss from Pavitra. Nikki comes there and he’s asking you too? Rahul tells Pavitra that i will be able to assist you moving forward but i would like this kiss now. Pavitra asks Shahzad to kiss him. He does but Rahul says i would like the kiss from Pavitra. Pavitra says fine and kisses his cheek. He thanks her.

8AM Bigg Boss 14 Online 4th October
Jasmin tells Sid that you simply should let me sleep within the bedroom, you ought to make us feel welcome. What should I do? Sid says you’re not here to urge comfortable. Jasmin says I can anything you would like . Sid says what are you able to do for me? Jasmin laughs and says what is going to I do Sid? Sid says you’re pretty, what can does one for me? Jasim says I can dance and sing for you. Sid says come then. She says you’re wearing nightsuits this season? Sid asks with whom you’ll share the bed with? She says nobody , he says boyfriend outside? She says no that’s not a problem . Sid says no worries, you’ll sleep here. Jasmin thanks him and says I can choose the bed? She gets a bed. Nikki says I even have chosen my bed. Sid says you can’t choose the bed, why you would like that bed? Nikki says i prefer the view, it’s your choice. Jasmin says she is comfortable in sharing the bed. Sid asks if she will share the bed with Eijaz? Nikki says no he snores. Jasmin says that they had an argument already. Sid says choose Shahzad then. Nikki says he’s not my type. Sid says what’s your type? Nikki says i would like someone who is talkative. Nikki says please give me that bed. Sid says okay take that bed.

8:15AM Bigg Boss 14 Online 4th October
Sid asks Shahzad about what bed he wants? Shahzad says I can do anything for you if you give me the bed. Abhi tells Sid that Rahul wanted a kiss. Pavitra says i do know him so I gave him a kiss. Shahzad says I gave him the kiss first. All laugh. Sid says i’m frightened of him now. Sid says he was just telling me that he can do anything on behalf of me .

9 AM Bigg Boss 14 Online 4th October
Rubina and other three are sleeping within the garden. Nishant says this is often a replacement life. Rubina says i’m during a zombie state immediately . I don’t feel anything immediately . Rubina sleeps in her bag .

11:45AM Bigg Boss 14 Online 4th October
Rubina says we don’t have anything essential with us, we don’t even have sun-screen. Nishant says I couldn’t sleep there. You were sleeping easily. Rubina says I couldn’t sleep easily. Sarah says i would like my clothes back. Rubina says we’ll need to await inmates to awaken so we will get food from them.

1:30PM Bigg Boss 14 Online 4th October
Rubina says we will decide our 7 essentials for today. Nishant says i want my trimmer. Rubina and Sarah want their sun-screen and ointment . Nikki counts their things. Sarah says i would like my sportswear . Sid says you’ll get one piece only. He calls Hina that just allow them to decide what they need . Hina says i’m sitting there so I can create a rift between them as they’re easily deciding for things together. Sid says fine. Hina comes back and says you all should demand what you would like . They count the items and provides the list to Hina.

2:30PM Bigg Boss 14 Online 4th October
Eijaz is within the kitchen while Nikki and Gauhar are working. Eijaz says someone said that Bigg Boss 14 Online 4th October didn’t send good guys once I and Abhi were within the house. Nikki says i used to be joking. Eijaz says she said that she wants to interrupt boys’ hearts. Nikki is awkward. Eijaz says i’m joking. Nikki says don’t be angry. i’m scared. He says i’m frightened of love. Nikki says that’s why I said breaking heart is my hobby. Eijaz is cleaning the dishes, she says don’t do this . He tries to mop her face but she goes away. Pavitra tells Eijaz to not believe OCD within the kitchen. Eijaz says I didn’t even attend the washroom. He asks Nikki to not throw the rice away. Nikki says I didn’t. He says what is going to I eat? Nikki says you’ll have the rice and that i won’t clean the dishes as my nails will break. Eijaz says say it within the camera. Nikki says my nails are precious. i’m washing the dishes. Eijaz says did you bring your stuff here? Nikki says but they’re outside and that we are helping them. Eijaz asks her to request him to scrub the dishes. She says please wash it for her. He says i will be able to wash the dishes for you but when the time comes, you’ll pay it back. She says i will be able to .

4PM Bigg Boss 14 Online 4th October
Gauhar asks Pavitra to cook as she will . you’ll decide what to form today. we will make veggies. Eijaz says i will be able to have eggs. Gauhar asks people to assist Pavitra. Nikki says you’ll ask Shahzad, he didn’t do anything. Gauhar asks Shahzad if he can help in cutting and chopping? He says I don’t skills to but i will be able to learn and roll in the hay .

Sid asks Gauhar to not help them with cooking. Gauhar talks to Hina and Sid. She says they’re going to get hungry and if I leave it to them then there’ll be a multitude , i’m helping them today only. Once duties are done then they will do anything they need . Hina says I understand.

4:30 PM Bigg Boss 14 Online 4th October
Sid helps in chopping and says for old-time sake. Jasmin says people find it s*xy when men cook and help, an aunty was hooked in to Sid cooking in BB. Did you cook at the house Sid? Sid says I told her that I won’t cook once I return from the Bigg Boss 14 Online 4th October house. Sid cuts his finger and Jasmin asks him to scrub it and take care . Sid says it’s fine. Pavitra washes his wound and says it’s fine.

Nikki tells Jasmin that she had to convince Sid to marry her, it had been her task. Jasmin says what did she do? Nikki says I sat. Shahzad says where? Nikki says on his lap, you’ve got cheap thinking. Sid says Nikki is picky. Jasmin says Nikki may be a baby, she likes to interrupt hearts.

5PM Bigg Boss 14 Online 4th October
Gauhar tells Pavitra that water is running, take care . Eijaz is cleaning the ground . Sid says people are working here tons . Jasmin says this is often the primary day, real color will begin soon. Nikki says my color won’t change. i prefer to try to to what i feel is true . Sid says what if someone asks you to try to to something you don’t like? Nikki says if it’s about saving myself then I can do anything. Shahzad says you’ll do anything within the tasks? She says yes, i will be able to do what i would like .

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