Bollywood Celebrity News FIR Filed Against Them

Bollywood Celebrity News FIR Filed Against Them

Bollywood Celebrities News, FIRs have been registered against Bollywood celebrity activist Ravena Tandon, director farah Khan and comedian Bharti Singh.

Indian media say that FIRs have been registered against actress Ravena Tandon, Farah Khan and Bharti Singh for hurting religious sentiments of minority community in comedy TV shows.

A complaint was filed by the president of the Christian Front of Ajnala Block against Bollywood celebrities for allegedly hurting religious sentiments in a comedy TV show that aired on Christmas Eve.

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All three persons have been booked under Section 295A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which deals with insulting or blaming religious sentiments.

The court has also submitted amateur video clips alleging that the religious sentiments of the Christian community were mocked and mocked.

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Indian police say they are investigating further.

Akshay Kumar ‘Get out of the country! ‘The Indian flared up

On the other hand, Bollywood actress Ravena Tandon shared a post on Twitter while filing an FIR.

He wrote in his post that you all see this video, none of us hurt anybody’s feelings, but even if we did, we sincerely apologize for the hurt (bollywood celebrity news).

According to XCN source: Earlier, Farah Khan also apologized in a Twitter message saying, “I am very sorry that I hurt someone because of my show, I respect all religions and this is exactly what I knew. Not burdened, I sincerely apologize to my entire team. ‘

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