Brother’s Day 2020 why is it celebrated in Argentina?

Brother’s Day 2020 why is it celebrated in Argentina?

Although in the rest of the world it is celebrated brother’s day 2020 on September 5, in our country it was chosen on March 4.

Bond Between Brothers (Brother’s Day 2020)

The power of the bond between brothers is usually so strong that, with exceptions, it is maintained throughout life. As José Hernández wrote in Martín Fierro, they must be united ” is the first law. At any time, because if they fight against each other, they are eaten by outsiders. ”

And so tied to Argentina as these verses are holding every 4 March of the Day Brother, since it is only commemorated in our country.

Brother's Day 2020

Worldwide Brother’s Day 2020 is celebrated on September 5 to honor Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who died on September 5, 1997, in India, at 87.

Beyond the difference of day, this date has an objective that can be read in an exclusive solidarity way, which goes further than any blood tie: it seeks to see the other as a couple and to help it as if it were a brother.

In Argentina it emerged as a day linked to the solidarity field, which recalls the brotherhood links, it is an ideal date to acquire a present and give it to loved ones.

However, there is no clear historical reason why it is commemorated on March 4 and not on September 5 as in the rest of the world.

Another Argent eccentricity? It’s not very clear. For now, it is always a day to reassess one of the fundamental links of each human being.

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