Corona vaccine announced free of charge

Corona vaccine announced free of charge

No region of the world is immune to the global corona virus, its patients and deaths continue to rise.

According to international media, China has announced to provide free corona vaccine to the public.

China Not only has public transport been shut down in the affected areas of the country, but an important decision has also been taken to provide free corona vaccine to the people.

The number of corona cases in the world has exceeded 90 million

The global corona virus has infected more than 986,000 people worldwide and killed 1,934,939 people.

More than 64.469 million Corona patients have been cured in the world and more than 23.682 million are undergoing treatment.

United States The worst situation is in Corona, where 381,480 deaths have been reported and more than 22.699 million cases have been reported.

India Corona ranks second in the world in terms of cases, with 151,048 deaths and more than 1451,000 people diagnosed with the virus.

Brazil The total number of deaths from Corona in India is 2 million 2 thousand and more than 8 million 6175 thousand people are affected.

Russia More than 3.379 million people have been infected with the corona virus and the total death toll is 61,381.

France More than 2.67 million people have been affected and 67,599 lives have been lost.

United Kingdom More than 3,017,000 corona cases and 80,868 deaths have been reported.

Turkey A total of 2,317,118 people have been affected and 22,631 have died. In Italy, more than 2,257,000 people have been affected, while 78,394 people have died.

United Arab Emirates The UAE Ministry of Health is continuing the national corona vaccine campaign across the country.

According to the report, 10% of the total population of the UAE has been vaccinated against corona so far.

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