Corona’s new type of war started, the cases reached other countries

Corona's new type of war started, the cases reached other countries

The new epidemic of corona virus is spreading rapidly around the world after the UK.

Cases of a new strain of the global coronavirus have reached 15 countries, including Sweden, Canada, Spain and Japan.

The new virus has led to the introduction of tier four restrictions on millions of people living in England, Scotland and Wales over Christmas.

In addition, several European countries have imposed travel bans with the UK for different durations.

The virus, which did not exist in England, has spread rapidly in some parts of the country.

Government advisers on the new infection are somewhat convinced that it is more easily transmitted than any other type of virus.

On the other hand, in order to control the new virus, medical personnel and care home residents have been vaccinated in different European countries, while corona vaccination has also been started in Cyprus and Oman.

The French government is considering a third lockdown.

In Sydney, people are waiting for government permission to celebrate the New Year.

Has the new corona virus come to Pakistan from UK or not?

Talking about Pakistan regarding the new virus, Parliamentary Secretary for Health Dr. Noshin Hamid said that there is no scientific evidence that Coronaca virus has come to Pakistan from UK. Granted, people from the UK are being traced and tested, a lot of people have been traced and are being tested.

Why is this new type of virus a cause for concern?

Three things are happening together, which means that attention is being drawn to it.

This new type is rapidly replacing the old version of the virus.

The nature of the virus is changing, affecting the most important part of the virus.

Some of these mutations have already been shown in the lab to increase the virus’s ability to infect cells.

All of these things combine to form a virus that can spread easily.

It should be noted that like the rest of the world, the second wave of Corona virus is intensifying in Italy, in view of which it has been decided to impose lockdown.

The Italian government has announced a nationwide lockdown during the coming holidays in the wake of the second wave of corona virus.

According to the government announcement, people will be given some concessions only on Christmas and New Year, in which only two guests will be allowed to be invited during the festival.

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