Decided to try a new way to treat corona

Decided to try a new way to treat corona

Millions of people worldwide have been infected with code 19 and hundreds have died, but no specific drug has yet been developed that can help doctors treat the disease.

According to international media, the final decision has been made to treat the corona virus with antibodies in Germany.

Germany will be the first European country to treat with antibodies.

In this regard, the German Minister of Health Jens Spahn said that the government has also purchased 200,000 meals for زار 486 million.

According to sources, the German Ministry of Health says that these foods will be provided free of cost to all patients.

Germany has acquired antibody cocktails from Reggie Ron and Eli Lilly, an American pharmaceutical company.

The American pharmaceutical company Regini Ron Co. combines two types of antibodies produced in a laboratory to make a cocktail.

According to the news agency, these antibodies contain anti-infective proteins that prevent the corona virus from entering human cells.

Germany’s health minister says two different types of antibodies will be made available at university hospitals next week.

Germany’s health minister says early treatment of corona with antibodies could prevent the disease from getting worse.

It should be noted that when former US President Donald Trump was infected with the corona virus last year, according to media reports, he was treated with antibodies cocktail.

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