Delfina Pignatiello makes history in Lima 2019

Delfina Pignatiello makes history in Lima 2019

Delfina Pignatiello makes history in Lima 2019: why she can become the most important Argentine swimmer in the Pan American Games.
After winning two gold medals in the 400 and 800 meter free events, the two-time world youth champion will compete again on Saturday.


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Pignatiello has already won two gold medals and will look for one more in his debut at the Pan American Games (CRIS BOURONCLE / AFP)


Special moment for Delfina Pignatiello

Delfina Pignatiello is living a very special moment. The second gold medal has just been hung up at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games, its first since becoming a swimmer. But although he could already be content with the result achieved in the pool of the imposing Aquatic Center that was built in the National Sports Village, the fan of Independiente and the Avengers saga , has one more objective in his stay in the Peruvian capital .

On Tuesday, in his first Pan-American final, Pignatiello devoted himself in the 400 free meters with a record of 4 minutes, 10 seconds and 86 hundredths, surpassing Canadians Ludlow and Ackman for more than a second. This Thursday night, and early Friday morning in Argentina, Delfi pulverized his rivals in the 800 free meters : with 8 minutes, 29 seconds and 42 hundredths he took first place for almost 5 seconds away with the American Denigan

Thanks to its two gold medals, Pignatiello aims to achieve a record for Argentine swimming in the 68-year history of the Pan American Games . This Saturday, in what will be the fifth and final day of the discipline in Lima 2019, the swimmer will look for her third gold in the 1,500 meter free test, something that no other athlete of her kind got for the Argentine sport .


francisco farabello, natación en los juegos panamericanos 2019, Pignatiello,

As with the 800 meter test, Pignatiello will not have to go through qualifiers. The final is scheduled in the first place of the night shift, at 22.30 Argentine time. And as with the two previous competitions, Delfina is the great candidate to keep the first position. Who is the rival that could present battle in the water? A swimmer whom Delfina respects for her extensive career, Chilean Kristel Kobrich Schimpl, 34, four-time Pan American medalist and gold winner at 800 meters in Guadalajara 2011.

Awards ceremony

Once the awards ceremony took place, in which a gold gilt was hung for the second time, Pignatiello returned to the Pan American Village. Already at dawn, a fan of social networks took advantage of her Twitter account to thank the support of the Argentines who follow her in each competition.

“I like to show my authenticity, simplicity, I like to laugh, I like to enjoy the moment, I like to be honest in the notes I give, I like to show how beautiful the sport I practice is, infinite thanks to everyone for supporting me,” he wrote in your social network account.

In a different era, where social platforms allow athletes to have more contact with their fans, Delfi Pignatiello became the new star of Argentine sports 2.0 . And he did it for charisma, but especially for his ability in the water. At his young 19 years, he already wrote a glorious chapter for albiceleste swimming, and added to other surnames that built the history of this sport.

Ana María Schultz , a swimmer who was Olympic in Helsinki 1952, achieved the same as Pignatiello until today but in the first edition of the Pan American Games: in Buenos Aires 1951, she won 200 and 400 meters free to have two gold medals. To that, he added two silver medals (post 4 × 100 free and 3 × 100 combined) and one bronze (100 meters free). Four years later, in Mexico City, he returned to third place on the podium in the 4 × 100 free test.

francisco farabello, natación en los juegos panamericanos 2019, Pignatiello,
Ana María Schultz, winner of two gold medals in Buenos Aires 1951, the first edition of the Pan American Games

Another prominent name in the Argentine swimming was that of  Luis Nicoalo , who despite not having consecrated Pan American champion, added five medals to his medal winners: he was bronze in the 200 meters butterfly and obtained the silver medal in the 4 × 100 post combined in San Pablo 1963. Four years later, in Winnipeg, Canada, he added another three third places, standing out in the 100 meters butterfly.

Already closer in time, the figures of José Meolans and Georgina Bardach ascend . The swimmer won seven medals in his Pan American record. There were three in Winnipeg 99, another three in Santo Domingo 2003, where he was crowned with the title in the 100 free meters, and one in Rio 2007, falling behind César Cielo in his favorite test. For its part, the Cordoba won two podiums: as a prelude to what would be the Olympic medal in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, a year earlier it was the best in the combined 400 meters. Already in 2007, in the previous to be Olympic again in Beijing 08, Bardach was bronze in his favorite competition.

francisco farabello, natación en los juegos panamericanos 2019, Pignatiello,
José Meolans, one of the stars of Argentine swimming (NA)

Delfina Pignatiello is one step away from making great history for the Argentine sport in the Pan American Games . She is a great candidate to add her third gold, something that no other albiceleste swimmer achieved in the previous 17 editions of the largest multisport event in America.

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