Duki with Brenda Asnicar confirming their romance in a video

Duki with Brenda Asnicar confirming their romance in a video

After a month of speculation and after meeting some photos together, Duki confirmed his relationship with Brenda Asnicar on his social networks.

The trap singer shared a video where the actress is seen at home, about to brush her teeth.

They both apparently left the mystery behind and decided to whiten their romance.

The ragpicker doesn’t usually make many posts on Instagram, but he does upload many stories daily.

In the last hours, he surprised with the video, where Asnicar is seen at his house, after having shared a dinner with the singer’s entire family. “Look at her little brush,” says Duki, as the actress walks away with her toothbrush sticking out of her jean pocket.

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In mid-February, the rumor began to circulate that Brenda Asnicar had separated from his husband, the Colombian businessman Alejandro de Angulo, after two years of marriage and six years as a couple; and that a new love had already knocked on his door: Duki.

Before the media wave, the former Ugly Duckling confirmed her breakup with her husband and wrote a synthetic tweet:

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Brenda Asnicar said:

“Hello, good morning. I did not leave anyone for anyone, I clarify it out of respect for the six beautiful years I spent. Kisses, love”.

Previously, the singer had already expressed his love for the actress (Brenda Asnicar) on social media. On Valentine’s Day, Brenda Asnicar wrote: “Comment all those who are going to spend Valentine’s Day hugging a pillow”; and the ragpicker wrote to him: “I would like to be a pillow”. Also in Intruders, panelist Guido Zaffora revealed that the artist dedicated a song to him, “If you feel alone”, to conquer it and finally won his heart and gave him a chance.


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