Facebook Dating App Delays The Launch Of Its Application

Facebook Dating App Delays The Launch Of Its Application

Facebook dating app had no choice but to stop it: Facebook delays the launch of its dating application
The measure is for an investigation in Ireland.

The large American Internet company, Facebook, had to delay the launch in Europe of a new dating application after in Ireland, where the company is based in the Old Continent, did an investigation on the processing of data from users.

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Irish Data Protection Commission

A Facebook spokesman, after the Irish Data Protection Commission (IDPC), registered and confiscated documentation in his office in Dublin said that “it is very important that we do the launch of Facebook Dating well, so we are taking a little more of time to ensure that the product is ready for the European market ”.

In Ireland, most American tech giants are installed, including Facebook. Since last week, research began on Google and Tinder there, due to the treatment of the geolocation of its users and the use of personal data (facebook dating app).

General Regulation on Data Protection (facebook dating app)

Being the company of Mark Zuckerberg in that country, the Irish regulation is the one that must guarantee compliance with the European General Regulation on Data Protection (GDPR) that provides for large fines of up to 20 million euros or 4% of the turnover world.

“We work conscientiously to create strong privacy safeguards, and complete the assessment of the impact of data processing before the proposed launch in Europe,” said the representative of the world’s most important social network.

At the moment, it is unknown how long the launch of Facebook’s new functionality will be delayed following the investigation in Ireland.

Facebook Dating, a social network function that was progressively deployed in 2019 in the Americas and Southeast Asia. It had to be launched in Europe in early 2020, according to its head Nathan Sharp in a blog in September, but this situation locked the project.

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