Female Smoking In Saudi Arabia Glad I can choose to smoke, Saudi woman

Female Smoking In Saudi Arabia Glad I can choose to smoke, Saudi woman

Female smoking in Saudi Arabia, women are most pleased with the reform process of the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Women have also begun to enjoy open smoking in the spirit of this freedom.

Like the twentieth-century European women, Saudi women have begun smoking cigarettes, especially after the concessions that resulted from reform. Not all Saudi women do this, but young women with well-educated and liberal thinking do. Many women enjoy e-cigarettes as well as glasses. In Europe, smoking was taken as a symbol of femininity.

One such Saudi woman, Rima, enjoyed immense pleasure over openly smoking. Sitting at a restaurant in the elite area of ​​the capital Riyadh, he told the news agency AFP that he wanted to enjoy the recent freedom and that it was because of this freedom. Cigarettes have had a lot of joy in drinking.

Female Smoking In Saudi Arabia

In recent months, the trend of women smoking in Saudi Arabia’s public places has seen a significant increase. Before Prince Mohammad Bin Salman’s reform program, smoking cigarettes like this could not have been imagined in this highly conservative Muslim state. Saudi Arabia wants to make its country’s identity moderate and business-friendly.

Adult male guardianship

Saudi women have got permission to drive cars. They can also go to sports competitions. They have also been allowed to obtain a passport without adult male guardianship. Saudi women attribute this change to fresh air.

While talking to AFP, Reema refused to accept the notion of the harmful effects of smoking, but she was somewhat worried over her family’s displeasure. According to Rima (female smoking in Saudi Arabia), he started smoking two years ago.

They made it clear that they could not convince their family to smoke cigarettes as an individual’s freedom because they do not find it appropriate for women to smoke like ordinary men. Reema had this conversation with a nickname.

Similarly, another Saudi young woman, Najla, also said with a fake name that double standards still exist in Saudi society, despite the speedy reform process. According to Najla, smoking in conservative Saudi society is considered a disabled and indifferent act.

Reema also said that when her parents saw her friend smoking cigarettes, she was upset that her daughter was addicted. A Saudi woman’s friend took her parents to an anti-drug clinic to get rid of her smoking.

Students are addicted and female smoking in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, the impression is that about 60 percent of high school students are addicted to smoking (female smoking in Saudi Arabia). They do everything in secret so that their habits can be hidden from parents and family. This was stated by King Abdul Aziz University’s Medical Faculty in a research report.


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