Fitness Model Motivation Paralysed Car Crash Survivor

Three lives were taken due to one person’s irresponsible acts it affected multiple people for a lifetime. It’s like a story of tragedy but also triumphs so this highway is known as blood alley because it’s very dangerous (Fitness Model).You can’t get out the cops come if you try to so right here’s basically where as far as I was told the car wreck happened.

Fitness Model Tiffany Adams Background:

My name is Tiffany Adams I am 35 years old I do a little bit of everything I’m a serial entrepreneur I’m now a social-media influencer. I’m an athlete (Fitness Model) and I’m classified as a paraplegic. I don’t remember anything of this at all I just know that this is where it is from the pictures and the police report and things like that I got a call and an invite and then I decided you know I should go to this and it was a wake-boarding competition. I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a very long time and everybody was dancing jumping around my friend crystal had called her friend to come and pick us up I got into the backseat I clicked the seat-belt on.


I just proceeded to put the upper latch behind my shoulder. I don’t really recall much after pulling out onto the highway there was a lot of fog the driver of the other vehicle proceeded to pass a semi-truck and then she passed one more going over the double yellow lines she hit the vehicle that I was (Fitness Model) in the backseat passenger side traveling at 130 mile per hour impact and that is when we were all pronounced dead on scene.

I was in this black abyss they meta flighted me from the scene of the wreck and I had over about 30 hours of surgery I was told on my body this is a San Joaquin County Hospital where this is where they first met have flighted me you see that little orange tab that’s the helicopter pad.

xcn Fitness Model
Fitness Model

Fitness Model spent the next three weeks in a coma and when I woke up you know I said daddy why can’t I feel my legs like you know they’re not men tingly and he’s like well baby you’re just sick right now. I could see the look in my father’s eyes and I knew he didn’t want to even say it not a day in my life did I ever think that I would be paralyzed. I don’t think oh wow and I cry or anything like that I just think am i honoring these lives even the drunk driver am I honoring that life so that another person would choose differently. I was the sole survivor of the wreck and that definitely added some pressure into my life not understanding it on the big very beginning.

xcn Fitness Model
Fitness Model

I guess it was like wow you feel guilty like I’m just seventeen and a half year old girl in high school why why me why did I get to live like why me I didn’t understand that I always try to do everything myself Hey all right it’s dirty he swear it’s dirty boo Yeah right there we go cool I got into fitness after the car wreck. I (Fitness Model) started working at a gym as a trainer this is my home gym as you can see I’m still getting things put together to show you how I get in here. I will show her easier but I wouldn’t be as strong I think that I had struggled (Fitness Model) with major PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder some of my actions were quite suicidal when I look back on it the things that I were doing to numb the pain I felt like if I don’t deal with the pain and I just stuff it down it’ll go away and it doesn’t just go away but I found that I enjoyed training so much that Fitness Model was offered to do an interview for Red Bull and so once I did that interview then there was a race that popped up then I said you know what I should at least try to do the race so then the last four years consecutively.

I’ve done the race and then ended up first for California when I’m in nature doing cardio just exploring the outdoors and working out it’s definitely just a get away from me when I say yoga Pilates working out anything it’s my style its Tiffany Fitness Model style I have to do what works for me using a wheelchair for daily mobility is never boring even 17 years later.

Life Rebuilding

xcn Fitness Model
Fitness Model

I have still fallen out of my chair I’ll hit a little pebble and like but what do you know yep there you are on the ground Fitness Model Tiffany is she’s amazing I mean and with her circumstances and everything she doesn’t let that stop her at all there’s never a dull moment with us I’m a guy I don’t tell my friends new they’re our first date lasted eight hours so I guess it’s safe to say we hit it off hey I can still have children and I definitely plan to at least have one child for sure I just need a bigger house hint hint kidding this is my office our office slash editing room or get things done the world is definitely not fully accessible for those with disabilities but my YouTube channel really famous is going to allow us to see what it’s fully like going in and out of restaurants different hotels hopefully it’s an educational platform motivational speaking and it’s important for me because it allows people to become inspired if you want something bad enough right you’re gonna make it happen every now and then you might feel like the world is coming to an end and you can’t get out of something but coming from my perspective and where I have been you can do this my hopes for the future and my goals are to allow my YouTube channel to reach the masses internationally to help inspire and uplift people and if a book or two or three never give up keep going you got this don’t stop don’t fall out of your chair enjoy this moment because you could die tomorrow enjoy this.


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