Google meeting app what it is and how it differs from classic Hangouts

Google meeting app what it is and how it differs from classic Hangouts

Google meeting app We are going to explain exactly what the Google Hangouts Meet application is, the solution designed for companies and different from the conventional Hangouts. It is an alternative with which companies can organize meetings of up to 100 participants, although in exchange these have to be created by a worker with access to G Suite, Google’s paid business suite.

And to give you an idea of ​​what the practical differences are, we will also explain the differences with Classic Hangouts. There really aren’t that many big differences, but you’ll see that there are little details that can make a difference.

What is Hangouts Meet (google meeting app)

Hangouts Meet is a video call application created for companies by Google, a kind of premium Hangouts with advanced functions and more possibilities when making and managing calls.
This application (Google meeting app ) is linked to G Suite, the payment solution that Google has for companies and educational centers, and whose prices range from 5.20 euros per user and month of the basic plan to 23 euros per user and month. This means that videoconferences have to be organized by a user with this paid account, although later, accessing them will not be necessary.
And that’s because Hangouts Meet has as one of its features that it creates a link for meetings automatically, and if you share it with other users, they can join without needing to have a G Suite.
This means that you can not only use it for meetings with colleagues in your company but also for outsiders regardless of their account type.
In addition, if the “normal” Hangout has a limit of 10 participants for meetings in its conventional user version, and 25 in the business version, Hangouts Meet has a limit of 100 participants with the basic rate, with the possibility that they are more depending on the payment plan you have.
In addition, all video and audio transmissions are encrypted to protect the content of the meetings (google meetups), and you can participate both from the web version through and from the applications for Android and iOS. Hangouts Meet also allows you to schedule meetings by putting them on the Google calendar, and in the Enterprise rate versions of G Suite, a phone number is also created to not need data to participate by voice.

Differences between Hangouts Meet and conventional Hangouts

The first difference is in the number of participants (google meetups). In classic Google Hangouts, the limit is 25 people in video conferences when linked to a professional account, and 10 for other users. In Hangouts Meet parties of up to 100 participants when you have contracted G Suite Basic and G Suite for Educational Centers, up to 150 participants with G Suite Business, and up to 250 users in G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Educational Centers.
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Obviously, the worst part is that Hangouts Meet is an exclusively paid application (Google meeting app ), while the normal Hangouts is completely free for basic functions. The Hangouts Meet price depends on your G Suite rate, which can be € 5.20 per person and month in the Basic plan, 10.40 euros per person and month in the Business rate, and euros per user and month in the Enterprise plan.
In conferences, you will be able to use both the web and mobile versions in both services, and also in both, you will have functions such as voice calls or the possibility of sharing the screen with others. On both platforms, you can also easily join meetings that have already started, and even if you don’t have a G Suite, you can join Google Meet meetings (Google meeting app ) when they pass the meeting link to you.

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