Actress Sharon Stone Account Blocked

Actress Sharon Stone Account Blocked

According to details, the well-known dating application ‘Bumblebee’ has blocked the account of Hollywood actress Sharon Stone.

Sharon Stone’s 61-year-old account was blocked due to complaints from several users about acting.

The actress blamed the blocking movement of the application ‘Bumble’ and complained to the dating app.

Actress Sharon Stone's
Sharon Stone said in a tweet that the ‘Bumblebee’ organization had closed their original account on suspicion of fraud.

The Actress Sharon Stone tweeted that the account blocked by the application ‘Bumble’ was her own and was real.

Remember that for the first time an actress has admitted to herself that a dating app has blocked their account.

Fans of the actress were skeptical that Sharon Stone could not use the dating application, so she complained to the Intimacy that their original account was blocked.

Actress Sharon Stone Account Blocked

The unique thing about this dating application is that women have the right to contact any man.

It is worth mentioning that this application also has shares of leading Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra.

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