How did the corona virus spread? The World Health Organization said

عالم ادارہ صحت

The World Health Organization says the coronavirus may have been spread by animals.

According to foreign media, a joint study by the World Health Organization (WHO) and China on the origin of the corona virus suggests that the virus could be transmitted from bats to humans, possibly through other animals. It is more likely that the virus did not spread from a lab.

In the report, experts have mentioned four possibilities due to which SARS 2 appeared.

The first on the list is that the virus could be transmitted from another animal.

The report said the virus could be transmitted from bats to humans. The closest type of virus that caused the corona virus has been found in bats.

It is estimated that the evolutionary distance between the virus and the SARS 2 in bats is decades.

Cats can also get the coronavirus. This means that the virus can be transmitted from these animals.

According to the report, the results of the study were expected and many questions are still unanswered, but the report gives reasons for the findings of the team.

Researchers have offered more research on the virus than just the lab spread.

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