Instagram Hiding Likes Update The APP To Hide The Likes Counts

Instagram Hiding Likes Update The APP To Hide The Likes Counts

Instagram will start hiding likes
Adam Mosseri, the Instagram CEO, recently revealed that they are preparing the APP to hide the likes counts, something they have been testing for a while in some countries (Instagram Hiding Likes Update).

Social networks as a whole are always changing and changing, and that is also true for the services that drive social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and more often they are experiencing and modifying their services for a variety of reasons, either to make the algorithm more accurate or to make a more fundamental change in the community itself.

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The latest change for Instagram is more toward the latter, as CEO Adam Mosseri recently revealed that they are preparing to hide the counts in the popular service, something they have been testing for a while.

Mosseri revealed the plan at a Wired event in San Francisco, saying that it is an attempt to strengthen conversations on Instagram and eliminate the appearance of the popularity contest for publications on the service.

The idea is that if you cannot see the likes that a publication has received, it will only get involved when it is really motivated by the publication itself, which will make the conversations around each publication more organic, at least in theory.

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Instagram Hiding Likes

Instagram began testing the change in Canada and has slowly added countries like Brazil, Australia, and Japan to the test. It seems to have gone well, so users in the United States can expect to join that release as soon as next week.

Now, you can still see how many likes you have received a post on Instagram, but it will only be available to the person who created the post and not to all your followers (Instagram Hiding Likes Update).



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