Leevon Kennedy was arrested for stealing cheese from a supermarket

Leevon Kennedy was arrested for stealing cheese from a supermarket
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Leevon Kennedy was arrested for stealing cheese, sweeteners, and garlic from a supermarket

The media took some unpaid products from Día business premises and the police intercepted her, handcuffed her, and took her away in a police car.
Esther Lilian Beatriz Fitzne r, better known as Leevon Kennedy, was arrested on Thursday 23 at noon by members of the City Police in Carlos Pellegrini at 1000, near her home.
The media was accused of having stolen products from a Día supermarket, located at 900 Santa Fe Avenue.
According to police sources, the 63-year-old woman had taken some items from the premises without paying them. But it did not go unnoticed by the supermarket staff and they denounced her.
On the street, Leevon was delayed by police personnel and found two cream kinds of cheese, three boxes of sweeteners and two garlic inside her bag.
This episode starring the media, who claim to be the unrecognized daughter of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, caught the attention of passers-by.
A neighbor recognized her on television and recorded it with her cell phone when she was being handcuffed a few minutes before being transferred in a police car.
“Can you let me go? I can’t breathe! ” Leevon kennedy tells the police officers who were accompanying her to the vehicle in the recording that was published on YouTube.
Later, she was accused of “attempted theft” in the case that intervenes in the Criminal Correctional Court 62, belonging to Secretary 79 of Doctor Petrarca.

Program Los Angeles de la Mañana

The last participation he made on the small screen was in early March in the program Los Angeles de la Mañana, led by Ángel de Brito for El Trece, when the mandatory quarantine had not yet been decreed.
On that occasion, she was invited as a natural seer to talk about the spell that Elina Fernández allegedly would have done to Eduardo Costantini in order to conquer him.
During the talk with the journalist Ángel de Brito and his team of panelists, Kennedy also assured: “I have a scoop from Elina Costantini. In a little while, don’t ask me what the method will be, it’s going to be a mom.
It is calculated for the end of this year. I confirm. Elina is going to be Mr. Costantini’s mother ”.
It should be remembered that Elina Fernández and Eduardo Constantini were married on February 22 at the exclusive Alvear Palace hotel, in an intimate ceremony attended by about 50 guests.
The renowned businessman, 73, and the model, 30, formalized their bond after nine months of dating. They had met at the Malba’s bar.
After the wedding, audio of Anamá Ferreira was leaked, in which he stated that the businessman and his fiancé did not meet there by chance, but by a “master plan” prepared by Fernández. “She went almost every day to have a drink at Malba.
I had done whole research and had seen that he was single. Not that the guy saw her one day in the Malba and fell in love. He saw her there, frequently, in Malba: who later went out to apologize to the couple.

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