Leticia Siciliani’s Masterchef 2020 Excitement For Her Pandemic Parents

Leticia Siciliani’s Masterchef 2020 Excitement For Her Pandemic Parents

Leticia Siciliani’s Masterchef 2020 The young participant cried in tears for an emotional reason.

MasterChef Celebrity continues to lead much of the ratings. In a new challenge, driver Santiago del Moro made several of his participants cry. The new bet asked his cooks to prepare a menu in honor of someone from his childhood and to put that person in a photo with a portrait holder on the kitchen table. Not even those of the jury, Donato de Santis, Damián Betula, nor the baddest of the three, Germán Martitegui, were able to contain the emotion when Leticia Siciliani, sister of Griselda, ex of Adrián Suar, wept for her parents.

leticia siciliani's masterchef 2020
leticia siciliani’s masterchef 2020

“It’s very difficult,” she said, taking her hands to her face to cover up her crying. In my family, we are my parents, who are together a thousand and six hundred years ago, and we are six brothers, five women, and one male. And I’m the smallest,” Leticia said in the personal interview that the show mecha with the show part. Then, going back to the time of the kitchen, the young woman broke down in tears saying, “Nothing, it makes me want to go hug my parents. Nothing else. I’m taking care of them and I don’t see them,” Leticia Siciliani said when the driver asked her about her particular situation.

And he continued without shedding tears: “Many months ago… And I’m also here for my mom to see me and know that I’m okay and that I’m not short of anything.” “Many of us are in your situation,” Santiago del Moro said. He added: “I haven’t seen my old men in many months too, and somewhere it hits you. It’s a very, very difficult time.” He then continued with the Polish who also provoked a moment of excitement on the show.

Youngest Participant Leticia Siciliani’s Masterchef 2020

Leticia Siciliani is one of the youngest participants that have MasterChef Celebrity and also the ones who get excited the fastest. A few days ago, he received a challenge from the jury and, instead of taking it as a teaching, wanted to leave the reality show. The chef saw that the participant had left her food on the floor and went crazy. “Leticia, if there’s one thing you can’t do, it leaves the food on the floor as you have it there. That’s already an unforgivable decay. Lift your spirits and lift the basket. It’s food, you can’t have it on the floor,” the jury told her. She commented, “They’re already killing me. That’s it, I want to go home.”

But not only on the screen, Leticia shows her sentimental side, on Twitter, she also answered a former participant of a similar reality show; a former “Backe Off Argentina”. “Come on Leti, I love you, ” wrote Angelo. On the same social network, Leticia was alluded to. “What? How? Is this real? Don’t play with my feelings,” he said in humor. the amateur pastry chef stood firm. “I swear it’s real Leti,” the amateur pastry chef said with high hopes of conquering the actress. However, it was just a game, a joke to answer the young man. Since in an interview, the young lady assured that she is very good as a couple, although she does not know how to pin down how long ago.

«Es muy difícil”: la emoción de Leticia Siciliani por sus padres en pandemia

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