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If you are thinking that your city is really cold, then know about the village of Russia (life in yakutsk), after which you will be forced to change your thinking.

There is a village in Russia (life in yakutsk) where temperatures fall to minus 71 degree centigrams and in the month of January, the average temperature is minus 50 degrees centigrade.

The village’s name is Omyakun and in 1924, the temperature here fell to minus 71.2 degrees centigrade.

life in yakutsk

It is the coldest area in the world and people here constantly honor the living in the coolest area of ​​the world.

But staying in this area is not so easy, areas such as Mari and Quetta are occupied at 6 or 7, while in Karachi, even 10 or 12 degree centigrams in Karachi reduce the demand of the people.

So how do people here live on such a cold land ground? To get the answer to the same question, Amos Chapel, a photographer from New Zealand, decided to visit the village, and he also pulled some of the most interesting pictures during his journey.

Panda’s report (Life in Yakutsk)

According to Board Panda’s report, the photographer Amus Chapel said, “When I first got out of the negative 47 degree centimeters (life in yakutsk), I was wearing a trousers, I felt that cooling was shining with my feet, many times lips. My lord was also present among the people who hurt my lips.

Due to snow snow on earth, it is not possible to make toiletries at home, so they are made outdoors.

The village livestock is collected and closed at one place at night, so that they can stay warm.

Instead of green grass to feed livestock, you have to spend on the ice bushes in ice.

This is the same shop in the village, but it provides all the necessary equipment and all the villagers buy from here.

Vehicles must stand inside the hot garage if it is difficult to start restarting a vehicle near the open sky, but if it is necessary to drive out the vehicle, people avoid avoiding its engine (life in yakutsk).

The village is so high in the village that only snow is visible everywhere and people are shifted to see vegetable.

A small heating system has also been installed to help the villagers heat.

Fish has no fear of severe cold because people can keep them without months of refrigerator.

This is the way that leads to this coldest village (life in yakutsk) in the world, would you like to go to this village some day?

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