Lockdown re-imposed in England

Lockdown re-imposed in England

In view of the growing number of cases of the global pandemic corona virus, it has been decided to re-impose lockdowns in the UK.

According to international media, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that a lockdown will be imposed in England from tomorrow.

The lockdown has been lifted from tomorrow to mid-February, but educational institutions will be closed and a series of online classes will be launched.

According to sources, the new sanctions will be even stricter than those imposed in March.

People will only be able to leave their homes when absolutely necessary, and certain drinks will not be allowed.

Unnecessary business centers, restaurants, beauty salons, outdoor workouts, golf courts and tennis courts will remain closed, while community sports and leisure centers will also remain closed.

Boris Johnson says cases of corona virus are increasing rapidly, new types of corona virus could not be controlled, people should work from home as much as possible

Scotland, on the other hand, will have a full lockdown for the second time tonight at 12 noon.

After 400 more deaths from Corona in the UK, the total number has risen to more than 75,000. More than 58,000 new cases were reported in a single day.

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