Luisana Lopilato 2020 surprised by the visit of her family in the living room

Luisana Lopilato 2020 surprised by the visit of her family in the living room

Luisana Lopilato 2020, surprised by the visit of her family in the living room of Susana Giménez: “They are my support”

The actress was thrilled to see her parents and siblings together for the first time in a television studio. In addition, he revealed the secret behind the names of his three children.

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Luisana told how she and Michael Bublé are as parents (Video: “Susana Giménez” – Telefe)

In her first program of the year, Susana Giménez wanted to have Luisana Lopilato 2020 in her living room . And the wife of Michael Bublé gave her the pleasure of traveling from Canada, where she lives with her husband and three children, Noah, Elias and Vida , to have a fun chat with her .

The conversation revolved mainly around her role as mother of the three children. ” I get up at six in the morning to prepare them for school,  I am obsessive compulsive and I have to control everything, ” Lopilato Lopilato 2019 acknowledged.

In that sense, she said that she does not have “a lot of help” as many imagine, but that, although they have a person who collaborates in the house, she and Michael are “very present parents” .

At that moment, Susana recalled that the family had accompanied her during the harsh process faced by her eldest son, who had to fight against liver cancer and forced them to abandon their careers for a while to accompany the child in their treatment.

My family is my support Luisana Lopilato 2020

“My family is my support , everyone: my mom, my dad.The truth is that I have a lot of faith, I believe in God, and to have my whole family behind me, all the time with me in every step I take (it is fundamental) In every decision I make, I am very family and I always have my family behind me , I always ask them if it is good what I am doing, “he said.

“Michael’s family too?” Wanted to know Susana. And the actress nodded. ” That’s why you gave Vida the name of the two moms, right?” Asked the diva, who knew that the little girl also carries the name of her grandmothers.

Then, Luisana Lopilato 2020 made a confession: “Actually, my children have the names of the whole family, because it is a way to give them a recognition .” Noah has the names of the grandparents, Elias has the name of my brother and the name of Michael. He had the life of the grandmothers, I do not think he has another child, I do not know.”

The most emotional moment of the talk took place when Susana told her that she had “a surprise” for her. And, for the first time, he gathered the entire Lopilato family in a television studio :  Eduardo , Mamá Betty,  and Daniela  and  Darío. In addition, obviously, of Luisana.

Surprised, the actress said: ” It seemed strange to me that today they were all so quiet, nobody called me”. And he said that he maintains a permanent communication, by telephone, with each of the members of his family. And, even, with his mother-in-law.

Thus, after listening to them telling anecdotes of when the brothers played Titans in the ring with her or recorded Luisana Lopilato 2020 uttering bad words to show their mother, Susana dismissed them saying: ” They are an adorable family “.


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