Man rests his head close to lion’s

Man rests his head close to lion’s

Man rests his head close to lion’s muzzle to take ‘selfie’ and feline has unexpected reaction

The viral YouTube video recorded (Man rests his head) the exact moment when a lion keeper approached the bars of a predator to photograph himself, without imagining what would happen.

head close to lion,take selfie
Through YouTube , a video has been shared that has gone viral and has generated thousands of users to be shocked, as it shows the moment in which a man supports his head a few centimeters from a lion’s snout to take a selfie , without imagining that this cat would have an unexpected reaction. The clip quickly became a trend in social networks.
This is the famous lion keeper Eduardo Serio , who starred in a fearsome scene that has gone viral on YouTube . What happened? A cat running into his master did not hesitate to show affection, which touched thousands of netizens.
This viral video posted on the YouTube (Man rests his head) platform has more than a million reactions and hundreds of comments from wildlife lovers . While it is true, felines are one of the most dangerous animals for humans; however, some have encounters with these.
“Hannito gave his dad some kisses,” reads the post that is viral on YouTube (Man rests his head) . Through this note you will appreciate the moment when a huge lion approaches his master and ‘bites’ his head.
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