Mia Khalifa Interview About Her Career

Mia Khalifa Interview About Her Career

Mia Khalifa Interview reveals how much money she earned in total as an adult film actress.The exam revealed that she feels ashamed because she is recognized for her past.

Mia Khalifa , the adult film exam with a career as a sports commentator, shared a post on her Instagram account so she could tell for the first time how she started in the popular industry that gave her international fame.
She shared a video in which she invited her Instagram followers to watch an interview they did for a YouTube channel. Mia Khalifa talked about several issues that have haunted her since she retired from adult cinema.


One of them is that she feels ashamed because she is recognized as “the exactrix of …” and not because of the achievements she has added throughout her career in sports. The celebrity narrated an awkward moment she lived when she attended a game and presented her as a “porn star”, a fact that affected her because she doesn’t want to be recognized that way.
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In the message that Mia Khalifa wrote on the social network Instagram exposes one of the questions that many people have asked her. She was encouraged to mention in the writing how much money she earned when she dedicated herself to being an adult film actress. This is what he stated:

“A misconception is that I made millions and millions of the result of my work that I did. Nothing can be further from reality. In truth, I only earned around $ 12,000 in total during my stay in the industry. It was almost impossible for me to have a normal life with a normal office job. ”

Mia Khalifa also commented in the interview for the YouTube channel how long she worked as an actress. His testimony provoked several reactions from his fans.

“2 years on that trying to force normalcy. I decided to change my path and move to Austin to try to start again. ”

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