Great news for tiktok users

News for TikTok, The well-known video application TickTok has been accused of illegally and secretly providing China with its users’ personal information.

In a lawsuit filed in California Federal Court, it is alleged that TickTok and its Chinese-owned company “Byte Dance” have created ambiguous privacy policies and that they have even drafted their users’ videos without their knowledge. It receives

The lawsuit also raised concerns that TickTok could even track users‘ identities, profile usage, or even track them.

news for tiktok

The lawsuit also alleged that TickTok uses its information to show certain ads to its customers (news for tiktok).

TickTok is the world’s third most popular mobile application and has more than 1.5 billion users.

The lawsuit was filed by Misty Hong, a student. How the video is handled, as soon as a user makes his or her video, the video goes to different domains without the user clicking on the “Next” button, and the process is done before saving or posting the video. happens.

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