NikkieTutorials YouTube Reveals That It Is Transgender

NikkieTutorials YouTube Reveals That It Is Transgender
Nikkietutorials Youtube reveals that it is transgender “I’m still me” Nikkie de Jagger, one of YouTube’s best-known beauty bloggers, has “come out of the closet” in an exciting video in which she confesses to her followers that she is a transgender person.
Makeup artist and beauty blogger, Nikkie tutorials, has decided to be honest with her followers so she can release something she has been wanting to make public for a long time: “Recording this video is scary but also free .”
Under the title of ‘ I’m coming out’ (out of the closet), Nikkie has shared with his almost 13 million followers his truth:


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 “I am Nikkie tutorials and I am Nikkie, I do not need labels, but if you have to put one, I am transgender”.

Beauty influencer (nikkietutorials youtube):

The reason for this confession, according to the beauty influencer, is to be able to start the year 2020 by telling the truth to recover her power, and that is that the 25-year-old has been the victim of blackmail that threatened to filter her story.

Nikkie is around the world (nikkietutorials youtube):

The video already exceeds 14 million views and it aims to serve as an example for many other young people who are going through the same thing: “With this message, I want to inspire the little Nikkie is around the world who feel insecure, misplaced and misunderstood. (…) We have to accept, respect and above all listen to each other to understand each other. ”
Also, Nikkie has told how the whole process of sex reassignment was and that at first and felt trapped and angry:

Baby with male genitals:

When her mother was pregnant she was convinced she would have a daughter and was surprised that at birth she found a baby with male genitals. Since Nikkie came into the world she has felt like a woman and did not understand why she had to wear short hair or pants instead of dresses or play with dolls, that is, why she could not do everything that was associated with the feminine. Luckily, from the first moment, her mother supported her and understood her and between the ages of seven and eight, she started going to school with girl’s clothes.
Nikkie has had a complete transition (nikkietutorials youtube), in which one of the processes that had to go through was taking hormones to stop the growth (currently measuring almost a meter ninety but it was going to be much higher). Nikkie finished her transition at age 19 when she already had her YouTube channel: “It sounds crazy because I was growing and becoming my front of everyone.”

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