Paro Subte The outburst of Nestor Segovia in the middle of the subway stop

Paro Subte The outburst of Nestor Segovia in the middle of the subway stop

Paro Subte The outburst of Nestor Segovia in the middle of the subway stop: “Let them go to shit”After announcing a stoppage in the six subway lines and the Premetro between 13 and 17 this Friday, the deputy secretary of the Guild Association of Subway and Premeter Workers (AGTSyP),  Néstor Segovia , fired high-pitched criticism towards the Government of Buenos Aires, Metrovías and SBASE due to lack of agreement.

“I want to make it clear that not one subway worker is going to be left on the street, or fart . If there are jobs, then let them all work. In a country where we are totally in poverty, they are saying goodbye. No we are going to allow missing jobs. That they are going to screw up, excuse me. We are going to defend the jobs of our colleagues, “the leader shot (Paro Subte).

This midday, the metro-delegates decided to paralyze the underground service for four hours  in demand of the appointment of the corresponding staff to work in the ticket offices of the Catalinas and Correo Central Norte stations, on line E, and demanding that the security conditions be improved in The whole work environment (Paro Subte).

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The force measurement will extend until 17 (Adrián Escandar)

At the gates of the Undersecretariat of Labor, where the failed negotiations took place, Segovia complained:  “On line E people travel like cattle. There have to be 18 trains and there are 7. They opened a workshop and ticket offices without personnel . This way you can’t work. ”

“The director of SBASE refuses to discuss with us and take staff. His proposal is that we continue working without the staff and then we decide to put together a project(Paro Subte). We will not accept it in any way,” said the delegate metro.

” Until today we banked it , in a good gesture. But from now on that they abide by the consequences because we are not going to allow the workers to be held hostage,” he warned.

Segovia also referred to the inconvenience generated by the measure of force in the usual passenger’s bustle. In effect, he asked them for “forgiveness” and told them to “reflect” : “People know well that there is a government that is adjusting and that there is more and more unemployment(Paro Subte). It has been nine hearings that we are dealing with this issue,” he said.

Finally, the union leader left open the possibility of a new strike on Saturday. “We do not know if there will be unemployment tomorrow. We are in permanent assembly , ” he closed.

Subway stop in Buenos Aires Paro Subte

It is in demand of a series of improvements and against the advance of the ticket machines. “We will not allow a single job to be touched, to go to hell,” said Segovia.
The Association of Workers of the Subway and Premetro (AGTSyP) today announced a stoppage of activities between 13 and 17 in claim of improvements for line E, which includes the request for the entry of new workers to cover ticket offices.
“Following the failure of the ninth hearing held at the Undersecretariat of Labor, the completion of the measure announced yesterday is confirmed in claiming the appointment of the corresponding staff to work in the ticket offices of Catalinas and Correo Central North and demanding that improve safety conditions throughout the workplace, “the workers said when leaving the meeting.
The stoppage of the six Subway lines and the Premeter runs from 1pm to 5pm, and had been announced yesterday by means of a handwheel developed by the workers.
Néstor Segovia, deputy general secretary of the guild, said – at the end of the hearing with Metrovias, which lasted three hours – that “the extension of line E requires more personnel, there are also claims related to the issue of safety and frequency of trains. “

Self-Defense Measures Paro Subte:

“We are obliged to take these self-defense measures in the absence of responses from the authorities,” he said.
Metrovias had said yesterday that the demand for personnel was covered.
At that point, the workers insisted today that “we made all our efforts on line E, traveling as cattle, also opened workshops without staff and ticket offices.”
“We are going to defend all the jobs, because they want us to discuss without the ticket offices, but I want to tell the Buenos Aires government and Metrovías that in this way the line cannot work. On this line there must be 18 trains and today there are seven people travel like cattle, “he insisted.
He added that “we are not going to allow the workers to be held hostage, they can fix this in 5 minutes we are fighting for nine ticket offices.”
“Sbase refuses to take staff, their proposal is to work without the staff and we will not allow it. If you don’t put people I have to think that they opened only the extension of the line for an electoral issue,” the unionist added.
Segovia said that “we apologize to the passengers but in this context of adjustment we will not allow. The authorities want to put ticket machines and replace it with the workers but we are not going to allow a single position to be touched, nor do we fart to allow them to screw up, “he finished.
He also said that “we do not know if tomorrow there will be unemployment, we are in permanent assembly, we do not bank this anymore,” insisted the union leader (Paro Subte).

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