Paulo Dybala and Oriana Sabatini reported Coronavirus on Instagram account

Paulo Dybala and Oriana Sabatini reported Coronavirus on Instagram account

Coronavirus: Paulo Dybala and Oriana Sabatini confirmed that they tested positive
The Juventus and National team player reported it on his Instagram account.

Ten days ago, on Thursday of last week, the rumors traveled from Italy to Argentina: they claimed that Paulo Dybala had tested positive for coronavirus and thus joined his Juventus teammate Daniele Rugani, the team’s first case. Then, close to the Cordovan, they were in charge of clarifying that it was not true but that he was in preventive isolation at his home in Turin.

This week, finally, as a result of symptoms such as cough, headache and decline, both Dybala and her partner, singer Oriana Sabatini underwent the test and this Saturday they confirmed that they have coronaviruses after the test gave them a positive result.

Paulo Dybala and Oriana Sabatini, positive for coronavirus.

“Hello everyone, I wanted to inform you that we have just received the results of the Covid-19 test and both @orianasabatini and I tested positive. Fortunately, we are in perfect condition. Thank you for your messages and greetings to all,” said the forward. Juventus on his Instagram account. The short message replied in Italian and English.

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Dybala thus became the third Juventus player to contract the disease after the infections of Daniele Rugani and Blaise Matuidi became known. And in the fifth Argentine athlete to test positive, along with the footballers Germán Pezzella (Fiorentina) and Ezequiel Garay (Valencia), the cyclist Maxi Richeze and the basketball player Facundo Corvalán (Dybala and Oriana).

Simultaneously, it was Oriana Sabatini who, in a more extensive message, gave details of how the previous days were known that they had tested positive. The daughter of Osvaldo Sabatini and Catherine Fulop, in addition to the niece of former tennis player Gabriela Sabatini, broke the news through a three-minute video uploaded to Instagram TV, in which she said that two days ago the studies were done with Dybala and another person who lives with them in the house. They all tested positive (Dybala and Oriana).

While clarifying that they are fine “otherwise I would not be making this video” and that her relatives were the first to know, the singer reported: “I had cough symptoms, my head and body hurt a lot, I was constantly tired. I kept training because I didn’t know I was infected, so I noticed that my breathing had changed a lot and not exactly for the better. Now the symptoms have subsided and I’m better. I still have that tired feeling but not as bad as before. In general, I’m fine. ”

“I wanted to make this video because we are informed 24/7 with what is happening with the virus, especially being in Italy, which is the most affected country in the world. In Argentina, my friends and my family continue to be and I continue to see people who he is going on vacation, he is taking advantage of it to travel or whatever and they don’t realize how serious the situation is, “he added.

At the same time that I try to raise awareness among Argentines about how “serious it would be if in a country like Argentina many people are infected at the same time and hospitals are a huge quilombo and people have to die not because of the mortality of the virus but because there are no hospitals, material and it is all chaos. ”

“Sometimes the word coronavirus scares a lot, but for us young people, it is quite mild, but for our parents or grandparents, for them, it may not be. So,” he insisted, “stay home and quarantine. day 9 and we have to wait until March 31 for us to do the test again and see how everything goes from there. ”



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Dybala thus became the third Juventus footballer to have a coronavirus (Dybala and Oriana). On March 11, his teammate Rugani was the first Serie A player to confirm that he had contracted the virus that in Italy has claimed nearly 5,000 lives. The rest of the players were immediately tested, but only Matuidi and Dybala tested positive.



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