Pewdiepie Marriage Photos: The famous Swedish number 1 youtuber PewDiePie got married after an eight-year relationship

Pewdiepie Marriage Photos: The famous Swedish number 1 youtuber PewDiePie got married after an eight-year relationship

Pewdiepie Marriage Photos or Swedish youtuber PewDiePie, which has over 99 million subscribers on YouTube, pleased its fans on Tuesday with happy news.

The famous Swedish youtuber, nicknamed PewDiePie, named Felix Kjellberg (29), got married on Monday. In London he married his long-time girlfriend, Italian Marzia Bisognin (26). Joyful news was announced by spouses on social networks.

“We got married! I’m as happy as I can be. I’m lucky to share my life with this amazing woman, ”he wrote on his twitter profile for four youtuber wedding photos with the largest number of subscribers and the fastest growing video channel in the world.

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Felix Kjellberg and Marzia Bisognin, who are also popular on social networks, married on Monday, August 19, at the Royal Botanic Gardens in southwest London. It was exactly the day eight years after they met. The wedding was in a close family circle with the closest friends (Pewdiepie Marriage Photos).

“I’m happy to call Felix my husband for the rest of our lives,” the newlywed confided in an Instagram post.

Marzia and Felix got together thanks to an Italian friend. He told her that there was one jerk game on the internet and that he had to watch these videos because it was worth it. Marzia, known as CutiePieMarzia, then sent Felix an e-mail stating that his witty videos captured her, and both agreed to meet in person. PewDiePie then moved from Sweden to Italy. Later they moved to England for better internet connection (Pewdiepie Marriage Photos).

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Pewdiepie Marriage Photos and wedding became popular

Kjellberg founded the channel in April 2010 and two years later, his profile became popular and reached one million subscribers. In the same year, after a few months, their number doubled.

At first he shot videos from computer games, nicknamed Lets Play (let’s play), they are on YouTube and part of the title. Most often with spoken commentary. He is increasingly devoted to non-gaming topics (Pewdiepie Marriage Photos).

Since 2012, Youtuber has worked with Maker Studios, a Disney brand that helped him make videos and negotiate more contracts. YouTube has also contracted its videos to be included in the YouTube Red premium channel. In February 2017, however, he lost both lucrative contracts when he posted videos with anti-Semitic content .

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