The Real Madrid Harry Kane’s Goal Today After Marcelo’s Awful Mistake 2019

The Real Madrid Harry Kane’s Goal Today After Marcelo’s Awful Mistake 2019

Earth swallow me! Harry Kane’s goal today for Real Madrid after Marcelo’s awful mistake.The match between Real Madrid vs Tottenham,valid for the semifinals of the 2019 Audi Cup in Germany, has shown once again that the defensive sector is one of the great weaknesses of the Zidane team and in which more should work before the start of The Santander League.And is that when they ran the 23 minutes of the game at Allianz Arena, Marcelo made a terrible mistake for the 1-0 goal of Tottenham against Real Madrid.It was the Englishman harry kane’s goal today who was responsible for capitalizing on the ‘blooper’ of the Brazilian left back.

Harry Kane's goal for Real Madrid
At 23 ‘of Real Madrid vs Tottenham, Harry Kane has scored the 1-0 goal of the 2019 Audi Cup semifinal match.

As seen in images, Marcelo wanted to prevent the ball from leaving the side. He tried to put a pass for Ramos, but the ball ended up betraying him and fell on the feet of Kane, who did not miss the gift to score 1-0 of Real Madrid vs.. Tottenham

Friendly Real Madrid Harry Kane’s Goal Today

Real Madrid match comes from receiving a heavy blow at the close of his tour in North America. Zidane’s team lost 7-3 against its classic rival, Atlético de Madrid, so he wants to clear his image against the ‘Spurs’.

Tottenham, finalist of the last edition of the Champions League, started his friendly series with a 3-2 victory over Juventus by Cristiano Ronaldo and then lost to Manchester United 2-1.

Harry kane’s goal today scores the only goal of the game where the Spurs were able to score more goals, but Keylor Navas was a figure

Tottenham kept the first semifinal of the 2019 Audi Cup by beating Real Madrid in the Allianz Arena 1-0 thanks to the goal of harry kane’s goal today , after a series of mistakes where Lucas Vázquez and Marcelo were involved.

New failure for the team of Zinedine Zidane , who seems to have been caught in the win suffered the other day at the hands of Atlético de Madrid in the United States. The team of Mauricio Pochettino played a good first half and pulled apart, taking advantage of the good pressure exerted mainly on the output of merengue .

The pressure and, above all, the aggressiveness to play the first part marked the course of the match. Tottenham was more serious and had in Lamela , Ndombélé and Kane his main figures. Good series of movements in attack, good series of passes in three quarters and good  high press to bother Madrid caused superiority.

Kane had several dangerous situations, but Keylor Navas made at least two situations that could have been a goal. However, at 22 minutes, first a bad horizontal pass by Lucas Vázquez wanting to change front, motivated the effort of Marcelo , who passed it back and left Kane’s hand in hand , which, he did not define well, but could beat the Costa Rican to score 1-0.

The white box would have a clear to achieve the tie. A good combination between Benzema and Modric , allowed the Croatian to center the ball and the French defined a stick, but the ball went just outside.

It was the only clear danger situation in the first part for the Zidane team. Hazard did not appear, nor Vázquez, Modric and Kroos were very late and with many problems at the start. The only positive were some movements of the young Rodrygo , but not much more.

The second half began denatured, especially because of the immense amount of changes that Pochettino made . Of the headlines, only Kane and Son remained . Thus, Real Madrid had an ambitious first minutes, with a more active Hazard and with Benzema generating danger with some situations, but without greater danger to Lloris .

However, little by little, Tottenham began to settle in the field. The horrors in the defense of Real Madrid returned with a Sergio Ramos , of bad preseason, again paying their inattentions. Navas again saved the merengue team with a pair of saves, a very clear one to Dele Alli .

Zidane began to move the bank giving rise to some players like Vinicius Junior, Nacho and Valverde. In any case, the superiority of the Spurs  did not change, except for a play where Rodrygo beat Lloris, but the goal was canceled by a clear off-side .

Madrid gave the chance

In the absence of ten minutes, more changes for Madrid gave the chance to see the Japanese Kubo , who was the most active on the end of the game with a couple of shots that forced Lloris to respond well. Tottenham responded with a shot on the stick of Parrott ” entered by Kane” in the most vertiginous that the meeting showed.

Anyway, this did not change the bad image that Real Madrid showed again. Keylor Navas stopped as to generate problems for Zidane regarding the ownership of Courtois, but then, much to improve. Tottenham goes to the final of the 2019 Audi Cup and arrives in very good shape for what will be the start of the Premier League in two weeks.

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